The Proverbs 31 Church – Week 2, Day 1

Welcome! I hope your weekend was marvelous and blessed! I am eager to jump into scripture today with you and discover nugs on nugs on nugs!!! (aka nuggets of scripture treasure!!) 
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The Proverbs 31 Church
She evaluates a field and buys it; she plants a vineyard with her earnings.
Proverbs 31:16

The church is so beautifully diverse. When I pray about this verse, my mind is filled with images of all the different people in the world and all their gifts. We can identify gifts inside the church, like communicating with children, music and worship, teaching, prayer, and prophecy. But I also love to look at this in context of the world we are called to love and minister to. Let this be a verse that encourages you to do everything to the glory of the Lord! There are businesses, occupations, and professions that can be used to witness to others. There are frozen yogurt shops, quilting factories, donation banks, book publishers, coffee shops, bag designers, clothing designers, photographers, t-shirt makers, journal/book binders, shoemakers, artists, advocates, fashionistas, cooks, and farmers who make it their prime goal to do what they love to do to the glory of God. Before the dream became a reality, it began to unfold in the pages of the Gospel and through prayer. These people talked with the Lord about this field worth pursuing. They thought carefully, worked meticulously, and prayed fervently. There are church ministries that also pursue different fields of work, such as a deaf ministry, a homeless ministry, and even an auto mechanics ministry. These are all diverse, beautiful things that can be done to glorify God. So, be encouraged that what you love to do, if in good moral standing, can be flourished and grown to be work for the Lord. Take a moment of study today and look up in your Bible, stories of people who had unique jobs or distinct responsibilities. 
For example, it is presumed that Luke was a doctor, Paul was a defined leader and authority, Tabitha in the book of Acts was compassionate and charitable(Acts 9:36), Priscilla most likely worked alongside her husband as a tentmaker(Acts 18:1-3), and Lydia, who sold beautiful fabric for clothes(Acts 16:11-15). I bless your beloved hobby or passion! 
She draws on her strengths and reveals that her arms are strong
Proverbs 31:17

In Hebrew, the translation for “reveal” is “to uncover”, and for “strong” it is roughly translated into “become fixed”. These words are so bold and a beautiful picture that forms in my mind is one of unmoving, unchanging, fierce, and brazen. Like the majesty of a person you didn’t expect, walking up to a huge boulder and mightily rolling it as far as you’d like to imagine. You’d be thinking, “whoa!!!” “incredible!!” “amazing!” I am so pleased when people step into trusting the Lord and they make their gifts known to those around them. We all know those people: the ones who work SO hard, who is good at what they do, who makes it look so fun and invigorating. Those people are the driving force of our community. They do whatever it takes to make things happen. I believe this verse implores our fellowship to draw on our strengths, find our strong points and exercise them. When we draw on the Joy of the Lord, it becomes our strength! When we do what we love and find joy in, it becomes our strong suit (Nehemiah 8:10) Write down a few things you love to do, then pray the Lord will use them at His will. 
She sees that her profits are good and her lamp never goes out at night
Proverbs 31:18

I love this verse. It radiates self-love and encourages celebration. I am in love with celebrating others. It is healthy to encourage and receive joy from others when gift from God are so apparent! It seems like the culture these days revolves around the motions and not so much about the actual celebrating. When a couple reveals engagement, when a pregnancy is announced to that couple who have tried for so long since they were married, when a child decides to share the gospel with others, or when great strides are made in the faith, these are reasons to celebrate! Now, I am not saying that every baby shower is empty, but I am addressing an issue of the heart, here. When was the last time you opened up your home, sat around a table with someone and with so much joy you could barely contain it, felt filled and nourished by providing spiritual tokens, rather than just the frills and cookies by themselves? See, I believe true celebration is the connection that people establish based upon a mutual recognition of what has been given from the Lord. They pour into one another and receive joy from these things! Think about it, would you feel celebrated and loved if the whole house was decorated and the most beautiful cake was provided, but no one spoke genuinely to you? Sure, “wow, all this for me!?” but something would be….missing. The smiles, the eye contact, the holding of hands and sharing of beautiful words and prayers. A healthy church recognizes the accomplishments of herself and others. A healthy church champions and celebrates others. And even if it gets quiet, and it doesn’t seem like much is being accomplished or established, God is still at work. We should take every opportunity to live in joy. Live in celebration that God has given us a fresh day, a new sunrise, and the perfectly timed breaths we need to take the next step. Pray about those you could celebrate and give praise to, and write their names down. And……GO! 
Be blessed! 🙂

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