The Little Gray Monster

We women are fantastical creatures. But sometimes (once a month or more, lol) we feel not so fantastic. (Like dis baby above…) Sometimes we feel not so fantastic when our emotions get out of hand and somehow we feel like we don’t recognize ourselves for a brief moment. How do we pray and relish in the Lord’s presence in the ups and downs despite our biological tendencies?

I’ve been a good old grumpster for the past two days. Man, I was excited about the weekend, but now I feel like I need a do-over. Nothing in particular went wrong, but I angered easily, found little joy and sought no motivation. Not the usual Sunday afternoon lazy. While I was praying about it, I just couldn’t help but ask, “How do I maintain joy and a like-minded spirit during all moods of the week/month/year?”

Well, for you girls out there who know what this post is all about, I’ll share the things that have helped me the most, but aren’t the sure fire rhyme and reason to all women. There really is no one method to it, except whatever it is, if it involves Jesus, you’re all good. 🙂 
1. Know what your deepest issues and problems are. It seems like all your weaknesses and insecurities have a short fuse during these times. You are ultra-sensitive about things you perpetually deal with. If you get to the root of it, you can do your best to avoid situations where your buttons may get pushed. Or, work your way around it, as some may say. 
2. Find someone you trust to talk to about things. And it CAN NOT be the person you are frustrated at. Sorry, girls. 😉 Caught you this time! Talking it out really does help. At least for me. And my rule of thumb is to never talk about while you’re mad about it. Yes, I believe that some things need to be said instead of being stifled in the dark. Of course, you pick and choose your battles, but speaking out of anger is the quickest way to more tears and hurt than you had before. Take some time (no set time limit) to cool off, step back and look at yourself and the situation. You’ll be sure to make better choices and carefully choose your words to construct, not criticize. 
The most important piece of advice I can give you: 
3. Pray about it. We are women. We were made with hormones and body functions with a purpose. That doesn’t mean we give in to our flesh, though. I’m sure men and women both have fleshly struggles that come with how we were biologically made. But what transcends all of that is the power of God in us. He gives boundless strength, joy, and love to those who call upon His name. Don’t let a moment pass without just telling Him what you’re experiencing at the moment, or even asking for help. The Holy Spirit is our helper. He will never fail us. In your most fleshly moments, connecting with the Lord deepens your relationship and brings the reality of His power into your life. I pray that for each one of you right now. 😉 
Well, that seems to be all I have for today. I pray peace and mercy upon all you women out there who fall prey to the emotions that come with being a gal. Have a super week, sisters! Be blessed! 

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