EdiStoryal #1 – Americana

EdiStoryal #1 on Americana
Ed – i – stor – y – al   –    An article written to provide a fictional outlook on a product that inspires or sparks imagination. 
I am a maker. a storyteller can be a maker of stories. Just as a shoemaker crafts a shoe or a clockmaker makes a clock. I am a teller of stories of fiction and a accounts of fact. The EdiStoryal series is meant to set a fictional stage for stories inspired by real products and art made by The 24th Wilderness (aka, Kailee). There will be much left to the imagination so as to encourage your inspiration and imagination. Each set of 3 Lotus Cards that will be released has a story to devour. This story is on the 3 card set titled Americana. So grab a glass of something and maybe a cookie or a banana. The Wilderness is wild and full of adventures. 🙂 Happy Reading! – Kailee
Ithaca, NY

Kate lay by the pool on a blistering July day, the midday sun beating down on her canvas cabana. Her first summer out of college had proven less than memorable. Life at home had been wonderful, but her hard working Dad and supportive Mo didn’t know that wanderlust had hit their daughter hard. Summers in Ithaca were wonderful and the Hamptons were splendid, but when traveling back from visiting Grandma in North Carolina, Kate wanted to feel the wind in her hair and the surreal sensation of being out of her comfort zine. Moved by a burst of youthful spontaneity, Kate packed her suitcase with as much as it can carry, and grabbed her striped Kate spade purse- the first purchased she made at age 14 with money from babysitting- hopped on a plane, and laughed into the journey of her own Americana. 

Birmingham, AL

The plane landed on the gourd and Kate, amid the bustling spirit of a southern town, caught a taxi to the nearest inn. After having a sunset dinner at the Belle House circa 1868, which was just outside Birmingham, she went to her room which was very quaint and prim. On her pillow, lay a small box, wrapped in brown paper that was decorated with golden polka dots and wrapped in twine. After unwrapping the box, she noticed it was locked by a number dial system. Confused but insanely curious, she tried every four digit code she could think of. The address to the hotel, the room number, parts of the area code, souname it, she tried it. Although her efforts failed, she noticed a sticker on the bottom of the box that said, “Give to Lulu.” Exasperated, she set the box on the nightstand and went to sleep. 

The next morning, Kate and her bags, and her mystery box huffed into the backseat of a 1976 LTD Crown Victoria that was supposed to be a cab. A petite, wrinkled pale woman who looked too old to still have a license, turned around and thought a toothless smile she said, “HI! I’m Lulu! Where can I take you today?” Without thinking, Kate handed Lulu the box from the night before. Lulu smiled at Kate and after wiping her own name off the bottom, she rolled the dials to their position one by one. one – nine – five – four. The box clicked, unlocked, an dropped open. Inside was a key. A car key. Through Lulu’s sweet, toothless smile, she said, “You get to meet Baby!” 
Ocean Avenue, CA

Kate sat in the driver’s seat of Baby, the hot pink 1954 Thunderbird that Lulu passed on to her after opening the key box. She had hardly believed her eyes. Now, as Kate sat staring at a blazing sunset on the west coast, she reviewed the last few days in her mind. All Lulu had said after dropping Kate off around the corner, and despite Kate’s bewildered, perplexed look was, “Don’t forget to read the user manual, honey!” 

Then she puttered away. Kate, with disbelief, gingerly slid into the car, and popped open the glove compartment. Inside, there was a little envelope with a booklet inside. The envelope was white with pink and brown stripes on it. She quietly read the instruction manual which held only a few simple instructions: 
  1. Drive anywhere and select Baby’s next driver. 
  2. Write your name on the bottom of the box and discreetly deliver it. 
  3. Find a clever way to “meet” and introduce yourself to Baby’s next driver. 
  4. Remind him/her to read the user manual. 
  5. Be creative. 
Kate smiled as she watched a middle aged woman pick up a striped Kate Spade Handbag that was lying beside a bench a few yards in front of where Baby was parked. The woman looked around for the purse’s owner, looked at the student ID that was inside, and sat down to crack the code of the mystery box she lifted off the ground near the purse, moments later. Kate strolled up after a time and sat down beside the woman on the bench. She said, “Oh! You found my purse! I’ve been looking everywhere for it! Thank you so much! My name is Kate. How can I ever repay you?” The woman gladly gave Kate her purse with a smile and after a thoughtful moment, the woman replied, “You’re Kate? You can help me open this box…!” 

Hey, wild ones! Hope you enjoyed the first installment of the EdiStoryal series! Get the designs featured in this story as the Lotus Cards set of 3 in Americana here!
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