The Names of Jesus – Rabbouni

Good Morning!! If you’ve been following along in our study, then you’ll know that today is Monday (the rip your hair out day…), and that means that our third (technically) study on the names of Jesus is today!! We will be digging into the New Testament again to examine some encounters of Jesus where He is addressed as “Teacher”. In Hebrew, that is Rabbi. You’ll notice though, that we aren’t really focusing on Rabbi. But I can’t spill the beans for you this early!!! I’m going to let you dig into the Word the morning and soak up some of that good stuff. I mean the Holy Spirit of course! And coffee. Not kidding. Tea is good too, if you’re an old-fashioned tea girl like me. 🙂 Enjoy this next installment! I hope you have fun completing this study guide, because I had fun making it for you! Blessings and peace to you!

P.S., I’ve included two different downloads today. One is a PDF that is easy to print and the other is a document you can open and complete right on your computer or with the right apps, you can open and work on it on your device. All you teachers out there know this is called accommodations… I want to make sure everyone has a way to join in and participate, printer or no printer. 🙂 Happy studying!

Click on the links below to get the preferred version of the study guide.

Rabbouni PDF

Rabboni Document NOTE: This document will appear unavailable, but simply click DOWNLOAD and it will open directly onto your computer.


Old Study Guide for I AM (This is an older study guide I wrote and provided back during the first of the year. You can complete it at any time or not at all.)


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