Ermagersh FREEBIES!

Who doesn’t like freebies! And I mean free downloads! While taking stock photos this morning of products for my Etsy Shop, I got a little off track (ok a lot off track) taking pictures of some fun fruit I’ve discovered down here in the tropics. We picked our little pineapple a few days ago and we plan on eating it today sometime! YUM! So I had to sneak in a couple pics of one baby fruit we had. (we also had a baby mango amongst the HUGE MAC PAPPY mangoes on the tree..)

Consequently, I began praying about the fact that all our fruit is tiny and still growing. Over time, they will flourish. Things in the natural world are often connected to things in the spirit, and we can’t help but think of the fruits of the spirit, right? That verse is currently on our chalkboard by the door. But on a day like today, where I am main-hustling on my startup and working hard to get my Etsy shop and ministry off the ground as my main squeeze, I am drawn to the book of John and it’s cornerstone events that flow nicely into the book of Acts. If you have been following along in the study of The Names of Jesus, you will be happy to see that our freebie comes from one of the selected passages when we studied Jesus’ title as Rabbouni yesterday. The risen Christ meets Mary near the tomb and tells her to go spread the word that He is alive. He then appears to His disciples and encourages them to receive, believe, and accept the Holy Spirit (flip forward a few pages and you’ll see the Holy Spirit come down on them).

This is some starfruit that was given to us! 

The fact that our fruit is still small and growing, is like our purpose wherever God has placed you. Once it is clear what it will grow to be, the process of getting there is so sweet. My husband and I have a specific, God-instituted purpose in this city. I want to challenge you to pray about what your purpose, your task, your calling is, wherever you are. And if you feel a resentment or a hesitation to pray that, then ask if you’re truly where God wants you to be. I pray doors are slammed shut and doors are swung wide open for you. My purpose in this post is to reinstitute a sense of purpose and a joy in you through an inspiring image. Some of you out there are feeling it right along with me. Some of you are not. If you are, take a moment to pray for those who can’t relate to this feeling of anticipation or understanding God’s purpose when you ask for it. Grace and peace to you! Be blessed and happy downloading!! 🙂

All you have to do is follow the link, download the image to your computer, then set that puppy (or pineapple) as your background/wallpaper. 🙂

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