The Names of Jesus – Word of God + FREEBIE

       Good Morning!!! As I write this post this morning, I am so excited to share with you this session that has one of my favorite passages in it. The very beginning of the book of John is too encapsulating to explain. The narrative of the beginning of this book is so grand and perfect, I just LOVE it. It seems to have no concern for time or space. Have you ever sat alone and read it aloud? Yes, John 1:1-18. Maybe you should. And today is the perfect opportunity.

       Words bridge a large gap between humans. Words can build. Words can break. Words can be wings. Words can be chains. Words can be agreement. Words can be war. Words can be truth, words can be lies. Words can be a great many things. I pray that as you read today, that you will speak the truth. You can have confidence that what you are praying is absolutely reliable, true, and powerful. Really, there are no more powerful words than the words of God. So, I encourage you this morning to believe and hold precious the words you will read. I challenge you to read our passages out loud today. Speak it. don’t just read it. Speak the truth. Blessings and peace to you! All links below, including a lovely FREEBIE to save as you complete this session this weekend. Happy studying! 🙂 xo-Kailee

Today’s Study: Word of God – Download HERE

Old Study Guide for I AM (This is an older study guide I wrote and provided back during the first of the year. You can complete it at any time or not at all. It is technically #1)

Study Guide #2 – Messiah

Study Guide #3 – Rabbouni

****Now, for something wonderful! Here’s a FREEELEEEE DESKTOP BACKGROUND!! WOOOO!!! I get so excited when I make these available. My hope is that you will save these and hide away the Word in your heart.  If you will, please encourage me and share/post your study guide or the screen saver to instagram so I can see you digging in the word! Find me at @the24thwilderness on Instagram (link below), or hashtag #namesofjesus24. ****

Desktop Download HERE 


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