The Names of Jesus – Emmanuel

Good afternoon, loves! I am pleased to give you the last installment of The Names of Jesus study! Today we will be studying Old Testament and New Testament sightings of the name Emmanuel. I won’t take up too much of your time this afternoon as you are getting ready to do whatever it is you are planning on doing. Happy August 1!!! Praise the Lord you’ve finished the Names of Jesus study with me! I would bid you farewell, but I may or may not have a couple of treats hidden up my sleeve…:) Happy studying!

Names of Jesus Study Guide – Emmanuel HERE

Old Study Guide for I AM (This is an older study guide I wrote and provided back during the first of the year. You can complete it at any time or not at all. It is technically #1)

Study Guide #2 – Messiah

Study Guide #3 – Rabbouni

Study Guide #4 – Word of God


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