Inside My Current Mood Board

Good morning, lovelies! Today, I thought I would give you a peek into my current process of branding- or giving my collective a unified, cohesive look. Now, I’m no professional. I could spend hours upon hours perusing Instagram and websites laden with gorgeous, creamy, rich photos of brands shared by their creatives. I’m just a beginner, dipping my toes into the water. But I always believe that everyone has some knowledge they can share with someone behind them taking the same pathway. So, if you’re looking to tie a homepage together, perhaps on a social media website, or mobile website, or even something tangible that you can hold in your hand. Think, When someone looks at my homepage/site for the first time, what do I want to convey? What message do you want to send? Here is my process, with the final result being this mood board which helped to set the tone for my look/makeshift brand. But remember, it’s always a work in process. It’s okay to never consider your artistic endeavors “done”. I just like to say they are merely resting…:) 
1. Grab a notebook and a pencil. Write down any words you can think of to describe your brand/what you have to offer. 
Start with a list like fresh, fun, cool, warm, sensual, spontaneous, simple, brave, daring, modern, smooth, inspiring, innovative, vintage, mod, ect. These words will help you brain dump all the ideas and visions you have for your brand. Then, narrow it down to two or three words. These words will later help you to define and refine your feel and look when you advertise yourself. When you’ve got those words, get ready and have them handy. 
2. Hit up Pinterest and create a special board titled, Branding. Or whatever you want to call it. 
I kinda want to call my branding board Bilbo now. How’s that for alliteration?! Ok, back on topic! With your brand words you just picked out in Step 1 handy, begin pinning things that match your brand’s mood or vision. I picked a few pictures that contained colors that I liked a lot. Don’t think about it too much, but as you begin pinning away, imagine what images you’d have liked to put on your site if they had been yours. You know, those images that you think Oh, I wish I had made that! or I’d love to have taken that picture!! Pin it! You can even venture away from Pinterest and still pin pictures to your board. When you feel like you have pinned enough, then sit back and take a look at your board as one whole spread. 
3. You should start seeing a pattern in the things you pinned. Write down the colors, shapes, or themes you see the most of. 
While right now, I’m only thinking of the basics like colors and shapes, you can glean much more from your board later on. But for now, I would stick with finding a colour palette. Picking a palette can be tricky, The potential danger in color palettes is selecting too many colors that make the viewer feel confused and therefore, they miss the point of your site. From my research and observation, I’ve found that two colors is a safe place to start, three is solid, and four is pushing it. If you feel like you have some point on your site that would benefit from having four or more colors, then go for it. But it’s easy to overload on colors and then then your site looks overwhelming and pointless. I found it was helpful to search palettes on Pinterest and then use them to guide my selection. Check out my board titled Colors HERE.  I challenge you exclusively to pick three colors, then display them next to your mood/brand words. 
*Side note: I went to Home Depot and Walmart to pick up a slew of free paint swatch cards, and went to town arranging them and snapping pics of them. It’s an easy, fast way to get them on a digital screen and get an idea of how the color palette will look online. 

4. Select the strongest photos on your Pinterest board and arrange them in a collage on a photo editing app or program. I personally use the free version of LiveCollage which you can download or read about HERE. 
I ended up using eleven or so photos in my board. You can get so creative here and do whatever you like! There are no rules! The point is to make a collage of images that best display the mood or message you want to convey, so that you can continue to revisit it for inspiration as much as you need. Or until you decide you want to start all over and rebrand! Ha! Happy creating!! 
My biggest encouragement to you is to not be afraid to be genuine. There are so many products out there that are so tempting to copy or that one image you just love so much, you want to harness it and milk every bit of the beauty so maybe some of the talent will rub off on you. (speaking from experience here!!) But have fun and explore your own creativity. There’s no one like you. 🙂 Bon Voyage! 
If you’re a reader and creative, I encourage you to share your mood boards, creative process, or tips for fellow readers. Creativity is welcome here! Please don’t be afraid to post your board in the comments below, a link to your website, video, or whatever format you’ve provided your creativity through. I’d love to see! 

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