Grab A Cuppa And Let’s Catch Up!

My new Etsy Shop banner that shows how to use a Lotus Card! Hands up for receiving pretty mail!!! 🙂

August 2016

So, I was married on June 18, 2016 and moved away from my hometown of 26 years to a hotter, more southern, coastal little snowbird town named after that one crab from that one movie about a redhead mermaid. I thought I’d give you a little rundown on what I’ve been up to since packing up the buckboard and heading South! 
What I’m: 
Living: Ministering to Sebastian through endeavors as a married couple. 
Eating: Mangos and melons! Mango Jam, smoothies, and here right quick, mango ice cream is/will be all the rage at the Trippett house! 
Reading: Business and photography blogs/articles/resources. 
Listening To: Mutemath. Thanks, husband. 
Doing: Launching The 24th Wilderness branches of photography and notecard making as my full time squeeze. (aka JOB). 🙂 
Praying: For families. 
Looking forward to: Flourishing my Etsy Shop and starting photography again. 🙂 
Thankful For: My supportive husband who reminded me last night that my new occupation isn’t a result of permission from him, but affirmation from Him. (aka JESUS!!!) ❤ 
I hope to give updates regularly so you can get to know me further and we can connect as people instead of reader vs. producer. Currently, I’m eating a bowl of beans. 🙂

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