The Making of a Lotus Card

Happy Tuesday!! Here’s a little behind the scenes look at the process behind crafting a Lotus Card. You may see me writing on a sticky note at some point in the beginning. A sticky note is how I brainstorm concept ideas regarding each set of cards. Because each card in the set is different, I feel the need to distinguish each one and I love adding an identity/name to them.
When putting together the three papers that will become the set of cards, I create with style, concept, potential, and stories in mind. I want to take the cards further than just a set of notecards you can send in the mail. I want to feed your creative minds. I want you to feel as though you are stepping into a world that you coincidentally have a piece of beneath your pen. Not only is it a pleasure to send these beauties, it is a JOY to receive one in the mail! The colors, patterns, designs, and stories in your mailbox amidst the boring white and blah colors of today…can you imagine?!?! ❤ Enjoy this short video on the making of a Lotus Card. Links to my Etsy shop below. 🙂

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