Introducing A New Bible Study | Sow, Reap, Rest, Sleep: A Study On God’s Rhythm Of Work And Rest

Hello, friends!! What an exciting day it is!! I’m proud to announce the next online study that we’ve prayed over and I’ve prepared just for you! Starting on September 5, we’ll spend two weeks in the Old Testament and New Testament to learn about God’s rhythm of work and rest. From the beginning of time, God Himself displayed the importance of intentional working and intentional rest. Join me as we explore the topics of rest and work, and what the Bible has to say about them.
This study is packed with verses, beautiful pictures, guest posts and even some fun activities stuffed in there as well!

This study has been carefully prayed over and with steady consideration, I will release it into the world. I believe it is valuable and rewarding to recognize what the Holy Spirit is doing in and around you. Although for me it will be a second time around, I can’t wait to discover with you what the Holy Spirit has to say through this season. I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to hit it up on September 5!!!

Did you miss the previous study, The Names Of Jesus? If so, click —–> here <—– to catch up and get access to the entire study!! 
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