Exciting Times Ahead | New Business Name And Look

Happy Friday, Everyone! I am so thrilled to introduce a few online sites that match my goals and desired look for my business. After a lot of thinking and journaling, I finally wrote this blurb down this morning while preparing the action-able step of branding myself…:

Thoughts On Branding

-I am, as a person, inspired by stories of people – especially women – who intentionally challenge a norm that would previously prevent growth and possibility. That norm, can sometimes be an outward standard such as societal averages or relational habits. But the perseverance that inspires me most is when one discovers that their capability far outruns their achievement. Illuminated is the reality that what they can do always, when pursued, outruns what they’ve already done. “

Reflection is so very important when starting any new path in life, especially since before you discover the how, you must know the why. So, I set out and thoroughly discovered the answers to most of my current questions for myself. 
Long story short, I’m so happy to have an online presence for my business and a pretty place it can call home for now. 
1. New Blog/Homepage Look 
You’re here on the blog so you obviously see the new look, but have you also explored the new tabs up top? There’s a few new features you have the opportunity to go explore, such as galleries and a CONTACT FORM! Ahhh! I’m so pumped about that feature! You can tell me a bit more about yourself so I best know how to serve you! Hop to it! 
2. New Facebook Page

I love this one! I kinda planned how my shirt and color scheme match a little bit….;) LOL

3. Business Cards! Yay! 

I just had to share! Stay tuned after the Sow, Reap, Rest, Sleep study next week to see some detailed descriptions and goals behind each service I offer. 

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