Week 2 | Day 1 ~ Sow, Reap, Rest, Sleep

There’s just something about connecting with another human beyond what we see and touch. We know as humans there is more to our existence than tangibility. There is not only the natural world (what we see and touch around us) but there is also the spiritual part of the world; The part that senses tension in a relationship, love in the air, and the feeling something great is about to happen. I’m overjoyed to welcome the beautifully moving Danielle Craig to the blog today. I called upon her heartfelt writing skills to provide some learning and insight to work and rest. May her Spirit filled words evoke a sense of wonder and inspiration in your soul as they did mine. Welcome!  xo – Kailee

Guest Post by Danielle Craig

Back in my college days I used to enjoy crashing my best friends dance class. Weird, right? During one of my only breaks in the day I would sneak into the back seats of her class and watch. I’d watch as the people who were only taking the class for an “easy” credit were clearly in over their head. I watched the few who wanted desperately to be good at ballroom dancing struggle to hold their heads up and not step on their partner’s toes. I didn’t go for those guys, though. In that class was a student who had been taking ballroom dance since he was little and I was mesmerized. I watched as he and the teacher would demonstrate a new dance effortlessly across the dance floor. It was beautiful. An older woman and younger guy looked as if they had been dancing together for ages. It sucked me in.
One day, after a poor attempt to sneak into this class, the teacher wanted to give an example of something. She wanted the class to see how much easier the dance becomes when the leader can lead freely because their partner rested in their grips and didn’t fight the process. So she called up the guy who always helped her and told him to pick a partner at random and demonstrate a full ballroom dance. 
He. Picked. Me.

I was terrified, embarrassed (because obviously I wasn’t a student in that class), and I had ZERO clue about dancing. I protested and protested to no change- I was doing this. I was going to make a fool of myself. Then he looked and me and said “You let me do all the work. You just rest in my arms.” *insert swoon here* So, that’s what I did. What else was I going to do. I didn’t even know what dance we were doing. 
The music started, he winked, put his arms in place, and off we went. I could feel myself gliding across the dance floor as if I had been dancing for my whole life. Y’all, I looked amazing! If I tensed he would nudge my back and remind me to lean on him and that was it. I fell in love. 
Now, I didn’t fall in love with him. I fell in love with what I learned. I still fight to apply it today. There is a balance to this life- our dance, if you will. The balance comes in the form of work and rest. Let me explain…
I wear many hats like most women do. Some of my hats include Mama, Wife, Pastor, Writer/Creator, Friend. Four out of five of those make me a resting place. I am the place where people go to be carried, lifted up, and find rest themselves. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness. BUT…
Where do I find rest??

Friends, it’s so easy to let “busy” consume us- maybe even become our identity or significance. There is a never ending list of things to take care of: chores, counsel, pay bills, do something for our spouse, wipe the millionth poopy butt of the day.  What if, and hear me out here, we removed the word “busy” from our vocabulary? What if instead we used the word “full.” Think about it, something about the wordy busy makes us feel important, successful, like we matter more depending on our level of busy. The word full, well that’s completely different. Full implies that I’m sacrificing myself to pour out into my areas of responsibility. But the word “full” gives us permission to stop and be filled up.
Like dancing, work is the lead. If you look at how God set it up He gave us 6 days of work. Work matters. Work, in whatever form, lends itself to success. However, work is no good without its partner. Rest. We need to remember Psalm 119:114:
“You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.”

In our full lives we are reminded that a refilling, or renewing, is required for us to make it. For us to be good at the things we are meant to fulfill everyday we need to remember Jesus. He points us back to God- our Good Father- and says, rest. Rest in me.
That’s the dance, friend. That’s the way we make fumbling feet look effortlessly graceful. The dance between work and rest is a way our lives can point to a God that is full of love and grace for us. He saw our need for significance and made a way for us to find it AND be found at the end of our days rested and fully aware of His glory in our lives. 
Work hard! Rest Well! Make your dance something worth watching!

Hi friends! My name is Danielle Craig. I’m founder and co-creator for Sincerely Darling, wife to the most handsome man, Cyler Craig, and Mama of Harper, our little miracle girl. I am a Pastor in Jacksonville, Fl serving in Student Ministries and an Associate Pastor role. My heart beats for women and their triumphs, struggles, and all around awesomeness! Come check us out and send me a message! I love new friends!
Website: SincerelyDarling.com

Instagram: @sincerelydarlingblog & @mrsdanicraig 

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