Monday Newsletter

Hello, friends! It’s fall time here in Sebastian with a pleasant 78 degrees! What’s the weather like in your area?

With the onset of surprisingly cooler weather than I expected for my location and time of year in Florida, I am inspired to compile a list of motivation, inspiration, and supplication. 😀 In addition to sharing the gospel through stories, it is always my goal to provide quality content for you to devour, enjoy, or be inspired by. So eat your heart out, Julia Child!!! Off we go!

What I’m Working On:

  • Mailing off a LOVELY family picture session. 
  • Preparing for a Senior session.
  • Finishing up a design project.
What I’m Reading: 
What I’m Listening To: 
Who I’m Following And Loving Right Now: 
There is much planned for this busy week ahead, so hunker down and get ready for some fun! There’s inspiration and laughs headed your way. What are some of your currents right now? Are you familiar with any of the above resources? Please share so we can connect! Let’s buckle our shoes and take this workweek head on! Enjoy!


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