The Craftsman | A Modern Day Situation Told As A Classic Tale

Here begins a tale on an afternoon in fall
at a home whose yard had grown inexplicably tall. 
There’s a man of noble character and handsome of frame, 
Sir Joshua was the nobleman’s name. 
Also present is his devoted wife
to whom he pledged to share his life. 
She on the stoop and he near his shed
with Bella nearby chasing lizards instead
of watching the present story unfold
that may be the silliest ever told. 
Reverse a few weeks, oh how they prayed
that the Lord would send a machine their way.
A machine with blades sharper than glass
so they could efficiently cut their grass.
One day Sir Joshua came in and exclaimed, 
“A machine for sale! Shall we be on our way?”
 So off they went to the house of another
guarded by two pups, a sister and a brother.
The owner and his wife greeted them well
and showed them the machine he intended to sell.
They acquired the machine that very day
for two and five pence, then were on their way.
Now back to the setting as first conveyed
where Sir Joshua was going to fix the machine that very day. 
The machine was fixable and even had great transmission
and seemed to be in excellent condition. 
But the more he banged and with every twist and tweak
there emerged no obvious break or leak
The solemn face worked with not so much as a grin
and often scratched his head or stroked his chin.
There must be an answer or is it an illusion
that they should find an answer or conclusion? 
Wires sparked and connections were made
Sir Joshua adopted Dr. Frankenstein’s trade
He swiftly worked to solve the riddle
that would probably run through his supper of vittle. 
“Oh, my gosh!” he said as he stood up straight
“I can’t believe I didn’t see this before! This is really great!” 
His wife perked up and said, “What is is my love?
Bolt, wire, tube or all of the above?!” 
He looked at her in disbelief
“The battery is in backwards!!!” What a relief! 
He flipped the pack and hopped right on
cranked the mower up and was nearly gone.
He threw his hands up as smoke billowed about,
gave a big smile and knew without a doubt
that where they sat was truly by grace
for they both had a Craftsman to put a smile on their face. 
His was the machine of the spiffiest brand
and hers was her husband, that noble man. 
The camera was retired and off they rode
into the sunset as quite a load.
Around the block they rode without a light, 
Sir Joshua and his wife bid all a very merry goodnight! 

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