Clean and Elegant Brand | Savannah Dunbar Photography

Today was an exciting day! It marks the completion of a small branding/design project for the talented Savannah Dunbar, owner of Savannah Dunbar Photography! Go check out her work and give her some support, for her photos are truly beautiful and one of a kind.

I also thought it would be a great opportunity to share a bit about my process in branding and designing. Below, you’ll find the steps for the creative process if you choose to jump on board with Kailee Trippett Photography, Branding, and Design to create something beautiful and purposeful for your business, project, or event!

Brand Logo
Step 1: First Consult ~ Here is where we will meet each other and talk about your reason for choosing me to help bring your vision to life. We will also go over any paperwork and payment information that’s necessary. 
Step 2: Second Consult ~ Just a few weeks after our first meeting, we will meet again to creatively dive in deep into your project, business, or event. You will complete a questionnaire prior to coming to the consult and we will begin by discussing the information you have provided. I like to get to know you on a personal level and find out the special connection you have with your project. Before we part, we will have uncovered the project in a new, fresh way that I hope will excite you to make these memories! 
Photo Brand Logo
Step 3: Working Progress ~ During this time (the length may vary according to project) I will begin developing the material for your project. We will be in contact often (once or twice a week) to touch base and I will keep you updated on the progression of the project. During this time, feel free to share what you like and don’t like, what you’d change and how to change it. It is important that you are satisfied 100% with your results. 

A bit of the brand in action!
Step 4: Completion/Shipping ~ When your project is complete, it is time to take action steps and use it, or processed if it needs to be shipped. It will be a satisfying feeling when your package arrives at your door all ready to be opened and used in your special way. And voila! Easy and fun! 
The process of creating with me is meant to be fun and satisfying, allowing for less stress and more grace. I hope you enjoyed a bit of insight into what I do on the more business/customer service side of things! Don’t hesitate to message me for more information about any of my services. I am glad to provide! 
xo -Kailee 


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