Tips For Working From Home

Whether you’re a mom of a few littles, a mom of a few not-so-littles, not yet a mama, or maybe you’re a single gal who is still in college feeling like a bigger version of the kid you were just a short five to ten years ago. Whatever your status, I’m sure you’re here because you’re looking for motivation or help for growing motivated when you’ve got some work to do.

I write as a small business owner who would like to read something like this, but it is applicable to those of you who have a spare Saturday coming up and you want to finish that one or two projects you’ve been dying to get at. Maybe you’ve got a goal coming up and you want to successfully complete your action steps to see the work through, such as an event, a wedding, shower, or party. Maybe you’ve just brought a lot of things home from work to do. (Like, uh, grading papers?! Cause I have compassion for my fellow teachers, can I get an AMEN?!)

The goal is to help you identify some potential ways to keep yourself going after the momentum has ceased in a place- your home -where you would otherwise be relaxed and leisurely comfortable. Hopefully some or all of these tips that I have pulled from my experience as a startup business owner may prove helpful to you.

Tip #1: Post your goals clearly so you can see them often.

I personally have a whiteboard that hold a hierarchy of sorts for my goals. There’s my quarterly goals, monthly, and weekly goals. Then, my planner which always sits open on my desk holds my daily tasks that are needed to complete weekly goals, and those in turn contribute to my monthly goals and so on and so forth. This is a big picture for those of you who just want to get laundry and house cleaning done, but it helps to look at the goal often so you can stay motivated. Try a chalkboard, cute paper with washi-tape on your fridge, sticky notes where you can see them, or just a plain old checklist hand written or on your phone. Checking off those boxes can be pretty satisfying!

Tip #2: Get dressed.

Whether your workday is at home everyday or for one day, getting dressed is somehow crucial to your impending success. I’m not sure why or how but the action of getting out of your sleep clothes and slipping into clothes designed for everyday wear boosts you out of slumber mode and into action mode. Perhaps the fabric is a bit more sturdy to outlast all the action and movement of everyday life and our minds follow suit. You just know!

Tip #3: Plan Well.

Knowing your actionable steps needed toward task completion is a big help. When I started out, I planned for the 2nd half of 2016, then planned monthly goals that would help reach those longer term goals, and then did the same thing for weekly and daily task lists. Maybe all you need is to complete those emails or wash clothes by dinnertime. Planning accordingly to your time slot is a wise move when you have a few things on your plate. You’re most likely not going to get a load of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away in two hours before dinner time. Or you may not get invitations ordered and sent out a week before your party. So plan out your steps beforehand and time them appropriately so you can most importantly, feel good about what you are doing and maintain your confidence to get your task list done.

Tip #4: Exercise grace.

So, in my office I have a cork board with little things on it that friends have sent me or pieces of pretty paper that inspire me and bible verses to keep me centered. Well, the adhesive strips gave out and the board crashed down onto my desk in the middle of the night. I had a busy day ahead and couldn’t get to it right away. Instead of worrying about all the pieces that fell to the floor or trying to meet an expectation of neatness and a pristine workplace all the time….. I just left it. Didn’t get to it until the morning after, actually.
Every one of these tips are great and effective in my practice, but this grace thing…it’s the most important one. In your work as a mom, teacher, caretaker, business professional, or whatever it may be, perfection is an enemy. Setting goals, planning, and all that stuff…it means nothing and it has no effect unless you give yourself some grace. Don’t be too hard on yourself if something doesn’t get done when you wanted it to. I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t checked off all the boxes on my daily list, or even better, none at all! Scandal!
The idol of perfectionism puts a dangerous veil over our eyes as people who desire to live out our calling by God. What if I told you that Marie Curie (who was a Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist) had super messy office or sometimes missed her appointments because she had made a crucial discovery in her steps to success? Or, what if she put her work down for a moment because she wanted to meet a friend or go somewhere just because? There is always room for grace. Your work will be there tomorrow and your calling will still be yours. 🙂

Be blessed on this wonderful weekend friends! Relish in the cool or warm weather that’s headed your way! Please feel free to leave a comment below on how you manage to fulfill your role.
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