A Study In Style

Color is to this photograph, as you are to the world. Life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that the love of beauty is taste, but the creation of beauty is art. And if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then truly, art is exclusive to no one and available to all.

Some of my most favorite artists, photographers, writers, encouragers, singers, or storybook characters draw me in by some piece of themselves that glimmer a slight reflection of myself. Whether it be red hair, love of words, femininity, authenticity, adventure, or even a quirkiness about them, each of my favorites truthfully, hold a bit of me in them.

It seems that we often grow and gravitate towards things that we see bits of ourselves in. If there is a stark contrast in your life, like a spouse, a job, or a friend, I will guarantee that there is some piece of that person or place that you look at and see a bit of yourself in, whether it be a part of you that already exists or a part of you that you want to bring out- AKA, who you want to be. When I was 14 or 15, I earned some extra cash during the summer working at my Dad’s office for a day or two out of the week. I just answered phones, took messages, and surfed MySpace the whole time. LOL. The job didn’t last long because I didn’t like waking up early during the summer and walking the whole five feet from our house to the office. LOL. And then Band Camp started. More LOLOLOL’S. But in the time that passed, as I drug myself out of bed at 6:30 to be at the phone at 7:00, and despite my disenchantment with the little job, I still got up and went. There was a part of me that I wanted to bring out, a part of me that I wanted to be seen. And that part was the part of “trustworthy” and “hard working”. I failed miserably at both but the desire was there.

Now, let’s jump to the purpose of this post. Using the previously mentioned observation of peoples, I’d like to invite you in to see what my vision and purpose is. It is my hope that in this vision you will see a bit of yourself and perhaps explore why you would choose me to partner with you to create something beautiful and authentic to you. Shall we see if you see yourself in one or a few of these qualities below? Let’s go!

My “IT” Girl:
Her Look: The way she carries herself, her fashion, taste, style, and history is all a part of her. She values the authenticity, sacredness, and uniqueness of her body and works to help others value themselves as well.
Key Word: Authentic
Her Life: Her story is her story. The path she traveled is one she holds close because it is what made her….her. She values community and friendships, and strives to bring closeness back into a culture where instant is mistaken for intimacy. She walks with purpose and plays out her vision, no matter how long it may take or how hard it may be.
Key Word: Worthy
Her Values: She strives to be kind, respectful, and welcoming. She forgoes general popularity in favor of cultivating meaningful relationships. She is focused on self care, as she works to grow her skills and hobbies into purposeful ways to spread love and positivity.
Key Word: Purposeful
If any of these qualities reflect you in any way, then OH MY, you are my kind of girl! (Can’t exclude you guys!)
The loveliest part is that many of these qualities are not only ones that I love to see in clients, but they are a little bit of me too. Thus supporting my initial thesis. *slides professor glasses back up on nose*
I hope you see, in yourself, me, and my work, the value of creating beauty that is worthwhile. For the most important things are worth the time invested, and prove to be everlasting.
Please be sure to reach out and message me for more information, even if it is just for the information, or if you are looking to book a shoot. My door and Inbox are always open. 🙂

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