A Quick Trip | Bella And Boo At Wabasso Beach, FL

So, today during lunch, I asked my boo what he was doing after work. I had been a little disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures during our stay in Orlando this past weekend, so I set out to make some opportunity for myself. I wanted to take Bella to the beach (and of course invited my hubbleberry). She’s never been. Well, snouts up, she didn’t like it. She ran away from the tide and nearly strangled herself on her retractable leash. I think it’s safe to say she’s better off on a prairie. 😉 Here’s just a few snapshots of our 15 minute sunset stint on the sandy shores….(try saying that 5 times fast! You know I have a love for alliteration!! It’s the teacher in me. I can’t help it one bit!!) 😉
I totally had a post planned for tonight. A good one too. But I decided to reschedule and post this one instead. Sometimes you choose to live on the edge………….of the water. 😉





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