Goals and Thoughts for 2017

Hello, All Ye Merry Gentlemen and Gentlewomen! Christmas is just 10 short days away and New Years will approach in 16 days! Yikes! In the spirit of endings and beginnings, I want to reflect and prayerfully share my accomplishments and goals from 2016 to 2017…It will be a full one! Here we go!

Notable Moments of 2016…
1. Got Engaged. 🙂
2. Finished my 2nd year as a 2nd grade teacher. Whoop!
3. Got Married! WHOOP! ❤ :0
4. Moved to a new city with my new husband for the first time. Yay!
5. We chose the path where I start photography as my full time job….!! Woweee! I’ve wanted to be here for SO LONG! Praise the Lord that I have just the resources I need to propel an old hobby into a fledgling job. No longer on the side, photography has been quite a journey so far. Read more below…:)
Dreams for 2017
1. Learn how to make KTP (Kailee Trippett Photography…) 😉 profitable and sustainable.
2. Invest in gear, such as a Mark III or IV. (or whatever the Lord gives me….He has taken me this far…lol!)
3. Develop and Present a photo concept where graduates or an engaged/married couple’s milestones in life are recreated and presented in bound, “storybook” form. The purpose is intentional recreation of moments in life for a greater, more memorable experience and product.
4. Mentor growing photographers in 1:1 sessions.
5. Stay deeply rooted in Christ and His Word no matter where He takes me.
One of my favorite verses these days is Habbukuk 2:2. It says….
“The LORD answered me: Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it.”
I encourage you to write down your best moments from 2016 and then write your goals and dreams for 2017. I’m not much for “resolutions” or whatever, but I know the importance of setting goals and taking action. What are some of your best moments and goals for 2017? Share below in the comment section! Can’t wait too see what you’ve got in store!! 🙂 

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