The "Acceptable Addiction"

So, a few weeks ago, I had a particular illness that prevented me from drinking certain beverages and one of those lucky beverages was coffee. There was no coffee for me for about a week. Yikes!

In my time off of coffee, I somehow got caught up in analyzing our millennial culture of “But first, Coffee.” Seriously. There’s a whole pie-slice size of American culture that can not function without that bowl of Josephine in the morning. Will the real Lorelai Gilmore please stand up?

But my question here is not “Why do we glorify morning coffee?” but more, “Why does our spirit think it needs coffee?” Heck, you drink what you drink in the morning, that’s all you. Jack or Joe, that’s not the point.

I just get curious when I see the wealth of memes, characters, paraphernalia, or accessories that glorify the coffee “addiction”. (Let’s be real here….caffeine.)

Here’s a few examples..
Image result for i need coffee quotes Image result for i need coffee quotes   Image result for i need coffee quotes                                             Image result for i need coffee quotes

Let me get very straight here. I like coffee. A lot. I like those who like coffee. A lot. I actually wish that hospitality still took the form of French Press coffee or a pot of tea. I think I’ll get a sign one day that says, “Welcome! I will offer you French Press or Earl Grey. Say yes.” I love seeing the creamer swirl about in the dark sea of bean juice and the spoon clicking against the little ceramic pond. In fact, I just had a GREAT cup of coffee this morning. I will even GO BUY YOU A CUP OF COFFEE somewhere! I do like it.

But at what point do we really start making it #1 in the morning?  How did it become the acceptable addiction? While thinking about it, the Holy Spirit directed me to Matthew 6:33..

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
So in the time that I couldn’t drink coffee. I prayed and searched the Holy Spirit for answers to my questions about caffeine, coffee, health choices, and the culture around me. Many people crave coffee for the energy from caffeine. Others like the warmth in the morning. And well, everyone has their reasons. I acknowledge and practice that energy in the morning and throughout the day can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of water, exercise, healthy eating, and good sleep habits. Nobody is perfect. But in this spiritual “Coffee Cold Turkey” I experienced near Thanksgiving, none the less (lol), I dug deep for the “why” behind it all. I love doing stuff like that. The answers I received were a peice of a greater truth. I challenge you to pray about the culture around coffee, caffeine, “addiction”, energy and the meaning behind it all. I’d love to hear your answers and feedback. Be blessed this weekend and a Merry, Joyous season to you! ❤ 

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