Fa La La La Lots Of Christmas Fun!

Huzzah! Tidings to you! In the spirit of the season, I assembled a few decorations in our little home, and we’ve been giving it our best to drink hot cocoa when the temperature drops below 70 degrees……:D Living in a tropical area where there isn’t even so much as a hint of winter (the winter solstice was the 21st…I believe that marks the official beginning of winter…) makes for a great dismissing of the seasonal spirit. When there’s no cold to come in from and enjoy that bowl of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup like that cute snowman that melted into the little boy, or no fire to sit by and sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, or no motivation to roast chestnuts on an open fire because it’s just too hot already and so it’s more like Lemonade Under The Patio (the words and melody match up, too! Give it a try!), it can be easy to pass up different holiday festivities, so I wanted to be extra festive this year!

I wanted to remember our first Christmas being married, so I took a few pictures of our living area and kitchen. All our decorations (except for three-ish) were given to us by our families so we could decorate for Christmas. Enjoy!

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