Here and now, I am in my dream. I am in my desire to work from home, make and meet goals, and pray over every moment. In 2016, a lot happened. It was a year of newness. That was our word- new. Now, it is another new year and with it, my desire has blossomed. Desire for God to direct every single business choice I make. What client should I take next? Should I do this photoshoot? What does my next project look like? Excerpts from my actual journal. (a NEW one, by the way! I LOVE starting new journals!) It may seem silly to some, but in our (my) effort to encourage by pulling The Path/The Journey/The Process close, we (I) can lose sight of the true finish line, the true Point B. Any guesses as to the identity of this shrouded Point B? Yep! You got it!


I wrote a lot today in my journal about staying on the path, finishing the race, or Him leading me down the right road with the faithful choices. But what is truly the end of this road? Jesus. All good and faithful paths lead straight to Jesus.

The questions above reflect my desire to know and be lead towards a craft that glorifies God. I want to move and inspire people to draw close to Jesus. I was inspired by images based on verses from the Bible so  when creativity struck and I thought, “OH, this and that would be BEAUTIFUL! Because God is beautiful!” And then I started praying about it. I searched the Word for inspiration from my Inspiration. I knew I wanted to help others feel that way. I wanted to help others the way this artist had inadvertently helped me.Although I have the question and the vision, it isn’t fully developed. I want to tell the story of the Gospel through images because we are such a visual race of beings. In this day and age, visual needs are being met more and more quickly than ever before. We have an endless plethora of images and visual stimulation to last us more than a few generations. But when it comes to curating our own images, we either go for quick and satisfying, or not at all. And then if the process is not quick, it’s usually because it is an important day such as birthday, graduation, wedding day, or a small milestone like that. Which is meaningful, yes, but….for those of us who want more purpose that isn’t attached to a special occasion?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown a scarf over my head in imitation of the garments Ruth would have worn, or a beautiful handmade crown like Esther’s…and then proceeded to snap some photos of myself, feeling goofy for whatever reason. I maybe would post one, with a secret desire to post all of them, but I’m a little shy because I don’t think anyone will understand. Or, maybe I’ve been so proud of a meal I’ve prepared (which I SURE DO POST!! LOL!!) or a craft I’ve managed to complete to show my desire to be crafty and resourceful as a wife, but I halt when it comes time to post because heck, nobody’s interested in the real moments or the in-betweens that aren’t clothed in a gorgeous skirt and bouquet, brooding in a dark corner, or accomplishing a major life milestone (But let’s get this straight, I LOVE FLOWY DRESSES AND BOUQUETS!! NO HATE HERE! MMMMM). Which, all of those are great…but the in-betweens. What about the building-a-life moments? The there-for-each-other moments? The belly laughing moments? Those are important too. Because they are uncut, real, and memories you think back on more often than that one time you posed and smiled for an hour?

To many it would seem that I am talking straight up about documentary photography. But strangely, not quite. What if you’re that scarf donning, crown wearing, makeup sporting, fight-for-what-I-believe, business running, strong emotionally or physically, computer clicking, mud bogging, book reading girl? Kinda like me? What if you actually had the gumption to reflect characteristics of someone you desire to be like through clothes, work, or hobby, or pull out that outfit you love, or maybe you just WOKE UP LIKE DIS? (I know you feel me, girls!) Take that moment, and let’s make it a memory, a fun time, a worth-while, purposeful moment instead of impulsive and fleeting?

Those are the photos I want to take and the moments I want to capture. Ones that you shouldn’t be ashamed of, the ones that are good, worthwhile, and draw you to Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to dwell on the gifts God gave you, and give thanks by encouraging others with them!

What kinds of things do you love to dwell on and tell a lot about you? For example, I grew up on a farm so I love all things authentic, organic themes, and even stories of endurance (in the west or any other time period) where people fought for something good, pure and worthwhile, strong women leaders and fellow redheads!

What kind of things do you feel like you are being led to in 2017? I long to know your passions!

Please feel free to leave a comment below, share this post, or most of all, reach out and say hi! I loved people before I loved the camera, so don’t be shy!

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