Psalm 47 | The Story

I have been dreaming and praying for this shoot for months. It started as an idea  written on a slip of paper tucked into the front of my bible with other memorable, important things. But there was a time where I was required to plant, nurture, and grow my mind’s creative eye, with no photoshoots. But it didn’t last for long because if I was made to create for His glory, then creating is obeying, and it was time to obey. GLADLY!! WHOOO!! So everything fell into perfect place. Things didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned originally, and I’m so glad because it was better than I could have ever expected. My model Lauren was LEGIT and she filled in all the things I felt like I was missing, be it props, poses, or ideas.  This shoot surpassed everything my poetic heart longed for in this small season.

I give you Psalm 47 | The Story.

Psalm 47

1 Clap your hands, all you peoples;

shout to God with a jubilant cry

2 For Yahweh, the Most High, is awe-inspiring,

a great King over all the earth.

3 He subdues peoples under us

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

and nations under our feet.

4 He chooses for us our inheritance —

the pride of Jacob, whom He loves.


5 God ascends among shouts of joy,

the Lord, among the sound of trumpets.

6 Sing praise to God, sing praise;

sing praise to our King, sing praise!

7 Sing a song of wisdom,

for God is King of all the earth.

8 God reigns over the nations;

God is seated on His holy throne.

9 The nobles of the peoples have assembled

with the people of the God of Abraham.

For the leaders of the earth belong to God;

He is greatly exalted!!

Photographer: Kailee Trippett (Photography)

Location: Pelican Beach Park, Satellite Beach, FL

Model: Lauren Edinger

5D mk iv | 50mm 1.8

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