Anistyn’s 10th Birthday | New Smyrna Beach Photographer

Happy Monday, friends! I have a whole lot of pretty for you today! This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of photographing Anistyn who turned 10 in January. 10 is a very big age because it is the only year you can hold up all ten fingers to represent your age! Next year, she’ll have to add a toe! 😉 While on the beach at sunset, it was just Anistyn and me. I like to encourage authenticity in the portraits that I take, and a few of the portraits above did just that! Anistyn got to view some of the photos while we were taking them and gave her input on what she thought she needed to do differently. A few of the poses below are her own creation! Nobody else out there is like her. What a lovely young lady she will grow up to be. 🙂

Hope all this pretty brightens up your day! Check out just a few of my favorites from our sunset session. 🙂


 5D mk iv | 50mm


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