How I Package My Client Orders

Happy Fri-Yay Eve friends! Today is a fun day full of packaging and flat lays, while listening to Kari Jobe’s The Garden! Ya’ll. Get that record. For realz.

Any-whoo, I thought I’d walk you through my packaging process because, well, after yesterday’s post, I soooo had to show you the glory and goodies that go into your products after the shoot is done. I have so much fun with this part. The absolute best part about this step is that every client will have a different package, a different box, and different style to go along with their individuality. I hand picked each item while thinking of the person I photographed, knowing she’d love every bit of it.

Let’s go!


First, you have to pick the right box. Presentation is key. 🙂


I put some fluffy stuffing in the box to hold all the items in place, so they don’t shake around everywhere if the box gets shipped. (Hint: I got a bag of this stuff for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Don’t bust your wallet on crinkly paper, folks.)


In goes the USB! I have a package of colorful ones and so far, the colors I’ve used (pink, grey, and blue) have matched the theme of their respective shoots perfectly! I hope to graduate to some special USB drives very soon. Ones that match my style here at KTP. 🙂


In goes the prints carefully wrapped and sealed! This was so much fun, you guys. I used a technique called floating, where the seal doesn’t touch the paper. That way, the ribbon can just slip off the package instead of ripping the paper to pieces. There would generally be one package of prints but in this case, there were two sets of photos that were included and I wanted to keep them separate.


On the backs of the print packages, I slipped in a pretty little sentiment card just for funsies. Are they they lovely? So beautiful! (See what I did there?) ;P


While waiting for my prints to be processed, I found this adorable little strawberry flavored emoji lipgloss! I thought it matched perfectly because my subject/client had just had an emoji themed birthday party! It was perfect!


Next, add some coupons!! (You can’t go wrong with coupons…) 😀 I even saved you the extra work of clipping.


Add some business cards!


A cute card because gratitude and kindness never goes out of style.


Next, it gets wrapped up! I’m a brown paper kinda girl, y’all. I love the smell of permanent marker on a brown paper bag, groceries in a paper bag, and gifts wrapped with brown paper. There’s such an Americana classic look about it. ❤


Behold the glory of brown paper packages….


tied up with string!!!! These are a few of my favorite thiiiinnngggss!!! 😀 What movie/play? Anyone?

Add another wax seal for good measure! ;P

Embellish with some extra fun goodies aaaaannnddddddd………………………

VOILA!!! A lovely, fun, and unique package is ready for you to tear into and devour!!

Have a super pre-weekend, guys and gals!

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