Harvest Ministries | Jacksonville Portrait Photographer

This past weekend, I had the immense pleasure of photographing some staff photos for an incredible church in Jacksonville, FL. Harvest Ministries is located on Fouraker Road, and has a truly incredible core family. From their pastors to their worship leaders, every person has a place, and every heart has a passion.

I find that I am most attracted to others who live a practical, applicable, authentic life of faith. I long to teach others the simplicity and passion of the Bible. My desire is for people to know how close God is to us as whole beings, instead of our actions, our routines, or our schedules. Harvest Ministries encompasses these heart songs of mine so beautifully, I feel as though we are all close friends already.

Here are the shining faces of Harvest Ministries. Give them a visit sometime if you’re around the West side of Jax! Click here to visit their website or Facebook page!


Treaty Oak Park in Jacksonville, FL

EOS 5d mk iv | 24-105mm

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