….Tied Up With String

One of my most favorite things about my business is my value I place on savoring the slow things, learning in the waiting, and sinking roots into long lasting things. In the coming months and years of my business, I hope to instill purpose into every corner of my service, so that every client will walk away fulfilled and filled with life because of some part of our time together.

In this season of cultivating my business and my heart behind it, I find that I love the art of handmade. Hand crafting things is such a unique experience, and receiving personal things that were crafted with you in mind changes your perception of the service or product. We are more likely to keep something made for us by someone we care about instead of something we bought offline from blurryface.

An example is a phone case. We are able to change our phone cases so frequently, it’s like an accessory that matches our outfits. Putting aside my shame of consumerism, I’ll admit that I bought a $30-$40 phone case last year and kept it for about a month or two. Now it sits under the TV in our bedroom. Joshua bought me a cute jelly phone case with penguins on it that I’ve had for a few months now and I suspect I’ll have it for quite a few more months just because I love that he bought it for me. I love saying that he bought it for me. A few years back, I had a custom phone case made for me out of duck tape by my previous pastor’s daughter. She wasn’t by any means my best friend or even a super close friend, but I liked her and she had a small business I wanted to support. So for one or two dollars I got a custom iPhone 4 case that was decorated with the Avengers and baroque designs as per my request. I kept it on for over a year. I think I actually kept it until I upgraded to a new phone.

Purpose. Perseverance. Things that last. Not everyone may feel this way, but I want to convey that it matters to me and my business. Why does this matter? Because of the Heart of our Father. What do we do with people and items that are most dear to us? We hold them close. The Father longs to hold us close in the same way. I hope to transcend materialism and encounter purpose with portraits and items. My artist heart longs for it and I believe our generations thirst for it.

So here’s another little packaging journey for a recent shoot I did for an ADORABLE family! (Click here to see my last packaging post!)


Alright, first comes the box! This family was very boy-heavy so I had to find something that had something for both the boys and the mommy that would be opening the package. The burlap seemed rustic and reminded me of a cute farm boy, (Princess Bride, anyone?) and the box pattern was strong and slightly feminine. Michael’s y’all. It’s real close to Heaven. 😀


Next was the stuffing and fluffing! I like to go with white or cream stuffing since it reflects simplicity and a clean finish. fullsizeoutput_355f.jpeg

In goes the USB! The littlest baby of the family was carrying around a green croquet ball for the photoshoot so I thought this was the perfect funny touch! 😀


Next are the prints themselves. You should recognize the wrapping and wax seal I love so much! 😀 I added a sentiment card to the back of the prints, since it seemed like something that would go on a little boy’s t-shirt, or could even be used in room decor or not he back of a door.

Next I picked up some books that any boy would love! Two for big brother and two for baby brother. While the photoshoot was going on, an attention strategy we used for baby was singing his favorite show theme song. And that was Paw Patrol! He also loved the cows on the farm where we were, so a farm sing along was perfect too! I love personal touches like this. 🙂


In they go!


Next are the usual goodies…

Like a coupon and business cards…


A card for gratitude!


Some yummies for the boys!


Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my FAVORITE THINGSSSSS!!!


And then all final touches……VOILA! The final product! I love finding and picking out small images for each package. Oh, and that wax seal! It might just be my favorite part!



The client response to this package was priceless and confirmed my passion for meaningfulness. May you be inspired and lifted up, friends!

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