3 Things I Do Daily to Accomplish My Goals

Hi, friends! If you are trying to start your own business or get a foot in the door of productivity, this post could be for you!

So let’s say you’ve been on a fresh wind and have productivity like Steve Jobs! Bam! But suddenly BAM again, you’ve hit a wall. There’s just nothing for you to do. I know it sounds vague, but you can apply the situation to nearly anything out there. Starting a business, school work, housekeeping, projects, building a website, ect. Anything you work on long term, this can apply to.

So you’ve hit a wall and you don’t know what to do. There’s probably a list somewhere of things you could be doing to get things done, but idleness is a sorry friend. It can hold you down. So here’s a short list of things I do for my business every day, rain or shine.

  1. Work that social media! I post something every day. Social media is our greatest friend, and also our greatest enemy. In the world of building business, It can be a powerful tool if you use it correctly or your biggest roadblock if you neglect it. I use my social media (Instagram and Facebook) to connect with and build my community, and share my work. I have a Pages app that allows me to edit my Facebook business page separately from the original Facebook app. When I post on my Instagram business page, it is linked directly to FB business, so I can share seamlessly across my two platforms. When I get done with this post, I will share it to my Facebook business page, my personal page, and Instagram. Let people see you have great connection, customer care, client satisfaction, ect. It creates trust and reliability. The more people see of you, the more likely they are to connect with you, book you, hire you, or support you.
  2. Make sure your shop light is on. Shop light? What? Most likely, if you are a beginning online business owner, you don’t have your own store or shop. So, shop light? aka Your Website. Your website is the biggest indicator that you are open for business. Sure a Facebook or Instagram is useful and easy, but your own website is a whole part of the internet devoted to you and only you. If a visitor comes to your website and sees posts from three months ago or a newer post that states, “It’s been so long!! So here’s what I’ve been up to!” It doesn’t look like you are busy, and if you are busy, then there’s the chance they assume you’re too busy for a new client, taking a break, maybe your website moved, who knoimg_6459ws!!!! Don’t leave it to chance. If you can’t have a blog post, new gallery, or new items in your shop up nearly every day, then at least do “shop maintenance”, is what I call it. Others call it admin work. Make sure your site is up and in running order. Like a well oiled machine. I don’t mean design work or planning your website, just a routine check up to make sure all your buttons are working, galleries neat and organized, and that there are no broken links. I have my own website saved as an icon on my home screen.
    At the very least, I click on it, and visit every page to see that everything is in working order. In short, glitchy page = broken shop light vs. updated working page = We’re open for business!
  3. Practice. Every day. Whatever your talent, niche, or job is, practice it every day. I’m a photographer, so I take every opportunity to snap photos in different conditions, of new subjects, or challenge myself to try something new. And yes, your iPhone counts. 😀 Why? After you take an image, improve upon it. If you’ve got a new product line coming out, begin the “version 2” process that focuses on how to make your product better. Practice leads to improvement. If you can’t apply yourself directly to the practice or hands on growth, then study the pros that came before you. Find inspiration, record it and apply it. There’s always something you could be doing. No matter how big or small, there’s always growth waiting to be cultivated and used. Hop to it and do it! (WES days, anyone?)


I hope you are encouraged and motivated to step up your game today! What kind of things do you do every day that have proven helpful and invaluable to your business journey?

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