Mini FAQ

Hi, friends! I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately and I thought I’d pop on and do a mini FAQ. Here ya go!

 Q:”Do you do weddings?”

A: Engagements and anniversaries are the heartbeat of what I do. My specialty is highlighting the value of love before and after your big wedding day. But I have a fixed price for all weddings if you are still interested in having me photograph your big day. Please mention it in our email thread when when we get chatting!


Q: “What is your booking process like?”

A: Although there are a few variations based on the package you choose, all clients go through a consultation before their shoot date. I want to get to know you! This benefits us both by ensuring we are a good fit before you secure a shoot with me.


Q:“I just want a quick photoshoot with a few pictures. Can I still book with you?”

A: The heartbeat of KTP is to provide a premium experience that highlights the importance of a special moment in your life. My experiences are filled with intentionality, intimacy, and relationship. If you’re looking for a more instant service void of the qualities listed above, your ideal option would be to wait for a seasonal mini-shoot offer OR I would be happy to refer to you some of my go-to photographers who might best fit your needs.

Hope this helps and please reach out if you have any additional questions!



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