10 Most Used Apps On My iPhone

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you enjoyed my Master Monday Series I recently finished, but to stay true to the motivation theme on Monday’s, I want to share with you my 10 most used apps on my iPhone. To be honest, I started out with “5 most used apps”, but I truly use about 10….:Dimg_6459

They range from Social Media to Productivity, to Photography (of course!). Here’s the skinny!

  1. Social Media

    1. Instagram – Of course, there’s Instagram! Over the past few years, Insta has become a social media staple to many folks. From businesses, teachers, filmmakers, actors, and just regular ole’ people, to fictional characters, fanbases, and many other unlisted entities, Instagram meets the need for a visual haven that keeps things simple without the clutter of other visual stimuli. It’s a great place for photographers like me to display our work in it’s simplicity, since Facebook can be cluttered sometimes with writing/posts, ads, videos, and links.
    2. Facebook – Yup! The one that nearly started it all. After MySpace. 😀 I don’t think it needs much explanation as to why I use it. Among a list of other things, Facebook connects you to people around you and not around you. You can advertise the stew out of your service/offerings if you use it. While I think it is acceptable and even commendable to not have a Facebook (my hubs doesn’t have one…) If you have a business or something to offer the world, it is a great tool.
  2. Marketing/Admin/Advertising

    1. WordPress – While I am currently using WordPress as my website host, and am considering switching to a different hosting site, I do like that it has it’s own app. I can post from anywhere, which isn’t a surprising ability, given our day and age. It is just about as fully functional as the website itself, when it comes to writing blogs. With a few small exceptions, it suffices to get the job done if you happen to be struck with the creative muse while out and about, but I wouldn’t rely on it full time.
    2. Google MyBusiness – This app/listing is the requirement for having your business listed in Google Maps. When you type in “__________ near me”, you’ll see virtually hundreds of listings. In order to have your business listed so that it shows up in a search query, you have to register a business profile.  It isn’t too scary, and not super official. I try to stay away from services that are document/contract/form heavy. It provides a simple canvas to list your business information such as phone number, address, website, photo albums, business hours, ect. Since I’ve activated it, I have gotten a few inquiries from it.
    3. Facebook Pages – This app is a separate app from the Facebook app that allows you to manage your Pages. Mine is my official Facebook page for KTP. It helps by providing one place to post, upload, comment, etc from, instead of logging in through your personal Facebook page every time you want to work the Page. I highly recommend this one. It allows you to schedule your posts as well. I find the feature highly useful.
    4. Mail – I don’t really need to explain this one. I check my mail from the Mail app on my iPhone often. It’s an easy set up, since it syncs well with many mail platforms.
  3. Other

    1. Kailee Trippett Photography Saved To Home Screen – I wasn’t sure about the title for that one, haha! In an iPhone, you have the option of saving a website as an app on your home screen. It doesn’t have any special capabilities. It just opens up to the web browser page you saved. I use it to check up on my mobile website like I mentioned in last week’s post 3 Things I Do Daily to Accomplish My Goals.
    2. VSCO – As a photographer, I love playing with different editing apps. A big trend in the young, self-built photographer world is capturing film tones in a digital image. Shooting film is significantly more expensive, but quiteimg_6480 worth it. For those who don’t or can’t venture out into the film world yet, this app does an ok job of giving your images unique, film-inspired looks. The app stems from the bigger company that sells photo filter packages among other things. Although the app doesn’t list the films by name that are in high demand right now (Kodak Portra, Fuji, Illford), but some of the filters capture the essence of those films. It’s very fun to edit with. Although I don’t edit my paid work with it, since it is a free mobile app and the quality is significantly reduced. But I did edit one whole personal work session with it and I loved it. 
    3. Live Collage – This app provides hundreds of collage templates for you to play with! There are many options as to what to do img_6479with your photos, such as make a Poster, Collage, Pinboard, 3D image, or Stitch photos together (which is done by lining the outer edge of your photo with a design that looks much like a stamp!). I honestly use it to either make pretty, artistic collages of my work, or I resize photos in a single frame. Since I shoot mostly in portrait frame (a photo that is tall instead of long), many of my images I want to share on Instagram don’t fit in the default square crop on Insta. This app helps to resize the photo without distorting it’s original shape/frame. What kind of things would you use this app for, according to your needs?
    4. WEATHER – Check the weather before your photoshoots, folks! Unless you’re doing a wedding, save some time and money by ensuring things will be the way you want them to be for your shoot. Don’t underestimate that cloud in the distance or the rain chance percentage! 😀

There ya go! My top 10 most used apps. What apps do you use the most? Do you like them? What do you wish would change? Thanks for popping in! Have a productive Monday!

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