Photography is a type of worship for me. I love creating images that inspire and provoke thoughts, mindsets, revelations, and stirrings of passion for Jesus. When I look through a lens and examine the frame before me, I see an explosion of colors, feelings, majesty, and craftsmanship. When I see it in print, it stirs those sparks in me. It makes me want to run full speed after Him.

But we are human and not perfect. We tend to set on a path but become diverted time and time again. As the visual people we are, I am currently crafting my workspace as a place of blessing, peace, and as a display of God’s faithfulness. The first year of starting a business is hard, but as time passes, I find God pulling me close and opening my eyes too see what my purpose is behind the lens.

I dedicated a little space of my wall today to the blessings God has given me so far in my business. The first is my camera. I thought it would be years before I was able to buy my camera. but alas, a new year began and a new camera was placed in my hands. Since then, shoots have rolled in, month after month and although I still have plenty of space to move and do more shoots, I’m booked to the end of the year. I’m ashamed to say that every month, I fall into the lie that I’m not good enough or nobody wants what I have to offer. Lies. Lies. Lies. Get behind me.

The photos I’ve displayed on my wall are my favorites from this year. I want to keep them in my sight so that I will not forget. I want to remember His blessings. I want to remember His promise as it unfolds, rather than forgetting as He prepares me for the next blessing. I’m so thankful. 😀

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