Inside My Planner And Work Wall

Happy Tuesday, folks! I’m about to head to the post office to send off some love to past and present clients, but not before I share some BTS (that’s “Behind The Scenes”, not “Bacon, Tomato Sandwich, you fellow foodies….) ;P

Since I launched KTP, I’ve had to buckle down and get organized. I think it’s very important to establish systems, since photographers often travel, keep post-production deadlines, and handle a lot of money in some cases. And that’s often the minimum!

I have a very simple system that I use to keep track of mostly business responsibilities. The three tools I use the most are:

  • A Weekly Spread
  • A Monthly Spread
  • A White Board For Project Summary 

img_6526I snagged this planner at HomeGoods for about $10. I’m not super into the Glam Planner movement or decorating my agendas with washi and stickers, so I just needed something very simple. I wanted to keep it open on my desk and use it to track tasks in a daily setting and a monthly setting.
I loved the rose gold and mountain palette contrast, especially since my husband and I had just returned from the mountains for our Honeymoon! Yippee!

  • Weekly Spread

    I use the weekly spread to keep track of tasks or projects that need to be done weekly. Most of the time, Weekly tasks are strictly admin related, or pretty much anything that is done in my office. This can include:

    • Blog posts
    • Important emails to answer
    • Batch editing
    • client packaging
    • Consultation calls or meetings
    • finance
    • mailing schedule (for when client packages get mailed out.)
    • Deadlines
    • Reminders
    • img_6524
      A week from February/March. My office hours are on M,W,F, so other days usually stay blank. 
  • Monthly Spread

    This is the spread I use to keep track of photoshoots, consultations, and any other business/personal dates. it helps me to see the month at a glance, so I can schedule smart and can see upcoming events. This is most important when I am scheduling photoshoots that require travel. Don’t want to book a shoot in Tallahassee for Friday and one in Miami for Saturday (at least I don’t want to since I still drive to shoot locations!) 😀 img_6525


  • The Wall

    I had to call it “The Wall” to give it a Game of Thrones-y touch. I couldn’t help it! (Anybody out there excited for the next season in the summer?) It’s just a white board I keep above my computer. It holds the lists of upcoming shoots, upcoming blog posts, other important pieces of information about projects, and encouragement phrases from the Word. It does the same thing as my planner, but just in a quickly visible, condensed version.

    That’s just orange juice in that glass. Promise. 🙂 

How do you keep track of your business responsibilities? Do you use your planner? Phone? If you liked this post about organization and planning, please leave a comment below about what you’d like to see next about organization!

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