Tips For The Hottest On How To Stay Modest

HA! Did you like my title? I know I giggled a little. 🙂

While out clothes shopping recently, I took a good look at clothes and the latest fashions. I honestly LOVE fashion. Fashion allows you to take colors, patterns, and feelings, and merge them with your being. The clothes you choose are a tell about what’s going on beyond them, on the inside. 

I don’t presume to judge everyone by what they wear, but there are some styles that couldn’t be more direct event if the person had said it plainly. Let’s take a nun for example. (I was just watching BBC’s Father Brown so I have convent couture on the brain…LOL) Nuns wear their habits to convey the height of what they believe. Modesty, penitence, purity, humility, goodness, ect. An important point in fashion is that we wear particular things to to reach an end: there’s a goal in wearing what we wear. While many convents may be different, nuns may dress in their classic garb in order to achieve separation, closeness to the Lord, and cast off any material greed. Like us, what they wear is directly connected to their spirit, to who they are or even who they believe they are. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the folks who skimp on the fabric front. These days, our youth are flocking to crop tops and high rise shorts. Although you may not see much of it in school, you can tell by observing prom for the past few years. Every dress is a crop top. I think they’re cute, for the record, but I personally don’t want to show too much of my midriff and belly. At the beach, oh yah! But in normal, everyday, public settings, I’ll keep myself covered. What do you think is the goal of the people who created these fashions? What do you think is the intended result of the clothes we wear? How about your personal closet?

I love dresses, florals, femininity, boldness, and class. My end result is to be perceived with value, because I am valuable. But if you’re like me, you still see elements of current fashion that are da bomb!! So, today’s post is going to combine elements of trendiness and modesty, so you can both look and feel your best. Honestly, these are 3 tips to combat the things I struggle with the most when shopping for new pieces, but I think many different body types can relate on some level.  Enjoy!

(Side note: I’m using the new wireless feature in my camera to snap these pictures remotely from a mobile device, hence the arm extending out of the frame…’s holding my phone. LOL. I promise I’m not reciting Hamlet!) 
  1. When It’s Too Short:
    1. This adorbs cold shoulder dress is comfy, fits well, and is super cute! But sadly, i’m a bit taller than normal and it is a bit too short to wear to church, or to a professional job. These days, I look for comfy but classy photoshoot attire. So what do I do?
      Designer/Brand: Derek Heart 
  2. When It’s A Bit Bare Up Top
    1. I absolutely love this dress. It’s floral, feminine, and if I’m going on a date to to an event, I’d totes wear this with the drop shoulders.
      Designer/Brand: almost famous
      But again, for church or for a professional dress, here’s some ways to modest it up.
    2. Pull it up over your shoulders. Voila! The downside is that when you pull it up, it makes the dress’ dimensions significantly shorter. But nothing we can’t handle! Use Tip 1 and throw some leggings or tights on underneath it to combat the length, and the sleeves will be shorter, but nothing is stopping you from pulling it off as a 3/4 sleeve.
      Brand/Designer: almost famous
    3. Throw on a sleeveless cover-up to instantly transform your dress into a cold-shoulder dress!
      Brand/Designer: Onque Casual
  3. When it’s cut too low/deep/straps too thin/weird cut.
    1. This is one of my favorite dresses. The details make me come alive! Ah! I could probably get away with wearing this to church, I feel like the standard cut of the bodice of the dress is a bit slim. The straps are placed a bit weird which leave bra straps and anything else you have on to hang out.
      Dress: Antonio Melani
    2. In case you want to cover up the chest area a bit, slip a cami underneath it to add some coverage and pretty detail.
      Cami: Ann Taylor’s The Loft
    3. Cover up those pesky straps! This is my favorite piece of anything I have right now. The embroidery is my life. I’m in love.
      Cover Up: Le Dor (Got it at Bealls Outlet) 
      P.S. This dress reminds me of Belle’s Library Dress from Beauty and the Beast! Or is it more Tiana from The Princess And The Frog? Disneybound, anyone?!?!

Hope this added to your list of wardrobe maneuvers!! Are there any fashion tips, posts, or outfits you’d like to see in the future? Fashion goes hand in hand with photography, so I think it would be fun to do more fashion related posts. Have a super weekend, lovelies!

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