5 Ways To Make Your Workspace A Haven

Haven: A harbor or port


When you walk into your workspace, what do you see? How do does it make you feel? Whether you have a corporate job or work from home, there will be an array of days. Great days. Boring days. Exciting Days. Horrible days. You name it, there will be those days.

So on those days you either don’t want to sit down in your workspace or you just want to get up and leave, an option would be to invest in your workspace a bit to make it an enjoyable space where you can work and recharge.

For me, I have an office at home and set specific hours for myself, which on one end can lead to massive productivity or, on the other end, can lead to massive time wasted because my couch and/or bed (and fridge…) is but ten, fifteen, and twenty steps away (yes, I counted just now). Aside from having personal willpower to get things done, establishing a personal connection in your home office maximizes your desire to be there and to stay there. If you pick out a few things to decorate your space with, you’re going to enjoy being there. If you establish a small routine to recharge and relax in your space, you’re going to want to stay there instead of crashing on the couch. So here are a few tips to liven up your workspace and get motivated to get things done!!

  1. Decorate. I’m not much of a standard decorating person because I would rather craft a vision for a space and slowly shape it to that desired result. Because of this, my M.O. is not to visit Target on a random day and grab something cute to stick in my office (which you can do). I thoughtfully search for pieces, ideas, and concepts to bring to life in a space. Right now, my favorite piece is this painting I scored for $7!!!! Did you get that? Let me throw it at you again…SEVEN DOLLARS. My mom and I were antique shopping recently and I spotted it behind some other paintings. I got super lucky. I’d been looking for something like this for a few months now. Now I love walking into my office each morning and seeing it on the wall! Sometimes I just look at it to refresh my brain. ❤
  2. Integrate some personal goals into your workspace. For example, if you’re trying to memorize Bible verses, keep it displayed somewhere you can easily see. If you’re trying to be more healthy, bring a small dumbbell and either display it so you see it, or use it in small, non-consuming ways during your day. Bring a book, small brain stimulation toy, or even a travel journal/pack of watercolors for your break if it helps you to recharge and/or meet your personal goals! I keep a book, bible, or glass of water nearby always to encourage me to read more and drink more water.
  3. Get close to nature or let nature get close to you. There’s probably some statistic somewhere that says humans benefit from being exposed to the natural earth. You know, the usual indulgence in fresh air and sunshine! If you can, modify your office space to be a great place for natural elements to dwell. For example:
    1. Open your windows and let lots of natural light in.
    2. Light a candle.
    3. Set up one of those cute little babbling brook water fountains.
    4. If you work at home, perhaps a small, quiet animal in your office would add that extra touch of natural life. A turtle, gerbil, or bird would be good, but I think a fish tank would be the best! The natural colors, pretty fish, babbling water sound, and the energy itself would be so relaxing to many people (me included!).
  4. Invite others into your office space. When it is appropriate, and if you feel comfortable, make your space welcome to others. Have a meeting in your office instead of phoning your co-worker who’s right next door. Take clients or potential client meetings in your space. For example, I dream of welcoming potential clients and booked clients into my office for in-home consultations one day. Perceiving your workspace as a place where other people can dwell alleviates any subconscious loneliness that may occur from isolation in your office. As a rule of thumb, my office door is always open except during important calls or meetings, if someone else is present in my home. Obviously, if I were the only individual in my home, I’d keep the door open, LOL. 😀7b8dc58845dcd6d65aed3a7abf7e211b
  5. Leave. Take a break, go outside, call it a day, go home. The goal of this post is to help maximize your productivity by making your workspace more enjoyable and conducive to both success and recharging. But the truth is, no matter how much sprucing, socializing, and modifying you do to your space, if you never leave your space, you’ll never be excited to come back each day.  There has to be healthy balance between work and rest, and this post helps to create checkpoints along the way before you take your necessary break and go home/leave your home office.  Sure, sometimes you need to work through the long hours, and maybe sacrifice some sleep, but big picture-wise, create balance- rhythm. You’ll thank yourself. Trust me. 🙂e093631e379c069ceac869d04d52d013

What are some ways you make your workspace a haven? Do you share similar or different views on your workspace? Be sure to leave a comment to connect with me!

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