Adventures In Film

With every photographer in the world, there is a distinct choice to make when deciding what format you want to shoot in. These days, there are only two: Digital and Film. Some would argue iPhones and mobile phones are fast rising competition for these two, but the way I see it, it’s a just a phone becoming a less dignified camera. You don’t see cameras rushing to improve their cellular capabilities, it’s the other way around.

So, in this world of digital vs. film, I believe we all are presented with the choice of how we want to shoot. Of course, in reality, we can shoot with both. There’s no ride-or-die pressure to make a choice for digital or film. But often, you’ll see people who absolutely adore one or the other. Then their devotion becomes ride-or-die. In the not so far past, digital cameras have taken the world by storm with their capabilities, alignment with this fast paced world, and ever growing accessibility for all types of people. If you’re young, digital is the norm. If you’re middle aged or older, digital is the coolest thing because you grew up with film which takes more time and can be significantly more expensive.

It is because of the last theoretical person that I am here today writing about film cameras. I have yet to explore the world of film as thoroughly as I’d like, so I want to invite you to join me. My goal is to find cheap, point and shoot film cameras, pair them with particular films, and enjoy the outcome. So far, I’ve got two rolls to develop and will be starting my third roll tonight. I found an old disposable camera, so the film is expired, but we shall see what comes of it. The second camera is an Olympus from the late 90’s. I tried one roll on it already but the film that I found with it was waaaayyy expired, so the pictures didn’t process. I slapped a roll of Kodak UltraMAX 400 in it (since it is one of the few kinds of film available in drugstores or Walmart/Target, ect.) and set out to snap some candid photos of hubs and my pup when we went for a walk a few nights ago. I plan to process them this weekend and do a series of posts next week. Hopefully, I can come across a few more cameras and keep testing/experimenting with them so this series can continue. I like film. A lot. But I have much more to learn until I feel like I am knowledgable enough to incorporate some film into my client’s sessions.

While I don’t quite know where I should continue with film, I know where I want to start and what’s on my bucket list. I’d like to start with some Fujifilm Pro 400H. As a portrait photographer who’s post processing style tends to lean towards a film-like look, I think this would be a great place to start. Here are a few other types of film I’d like to give a try. I’ve included a few images to show the style of the film.

  1. Kodak Portra 400f8da2bc11d1f87aacaf9101de7b7ee02
  2. Fujifilm Pro 400Hdip_blog3_web
  3. Ilford Delta 400tumblr_nk6m3dwpEF1sjwaoio1_1280
  4. Fuji NPH 4009df7ac28a6462a311644460c1fd5f238
  5. Velvia 50


I hope that this new adventure will lead me into a journey of personal work that will prove both fun and invaluable! Long live film! 🙂

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