One of the hardest parts of displaying your images online is knowing when you want to post your work. 

When in the early stages of your photography business, you understand that shooting and posting often and quickly results in two very important things: 

  1. It improves your skills. 
  2. It gains the attention of potential clientele. 

In the past few days, I’ve had two beautiful photoshoots that I can’t wait to share with the world! But all too often, it feels rushed. I feel like I speed through editing and posting. So a few months ago, I slowed down and developed a three day “rule” of sorts that gives me buffer time to edit and then check my edits with fresh eyes on another day. Looking at a screen for too long can desensitize our eyes to the correct color adjustments and even cropping/framing mistakes. If you take your time, you learn from your own work and make notes on what to pay attention to next time. For me, it’s hair. Sometimes there’s a batch or two of hair that doesn’t look quite right to me and I tend to miss it during the shoot. 

Knowing when to post your work can also aid in the process of gaining the right clients as well. Many social media sites (such as Facebook and Instagram) have Insights/Stats/Analytics so you can analyze your audience and craft your posting schedule and even your content. I know that one of my site audiences consist of mostly women from 18-35 and their most visited times are at night from about 6PM to 1:00AM. This helps me to know when my content and galleries will be seen and engaged the most. 

But if I were to post at random or as soon as I finished editing, of course you work is out there, but two things happen for sure: 

  1. The post drifts further and further down the News Feed without your target audience seeing and engaging in it….(which results in)—>
  2. Your post requiring manual access (or people intentionally searching and viewing it). This creates exponentially less views and engagements. 

When it comes to giving my clients their products and images, things are slightly different. But one of my values in my business is quality, which doesn’t come in it’s true form with speed or with a consumerism spirit. My clients understand that I put my best into their sessions, which does not equal a “shoot and burn” session for me. Nor does it mean my clients wait weeks and weeks for their session galleries. 

I can’t wait to show you my recent sessions next week! I am growing so much more confident in myself and my worth, and my business as well as its worth. Exciting things lie ahead for KTP! 

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