3 Ways To Streamline Social Media For Your Business

If you’re a growing entrepreneur, you use social media to spread your name and your work. It’s what you do. (Hire me, Geico?) I wonder if you’ve hit a wall yet where you feel like you’re spending more time on your phone posting and sharing than actually getting work done. I only utilize a few social media apps, including Instagram and Facebook. Actually, that’s it. Honestly. Instagram, Facebook App, and the Pages Manager App. And still it seems like spend a bit more time than I actually want to writing captions, posts, and comments. This is integral, I understand, but I value my work itself and actually doing my job rather than showing it all off online. I can’t imagine you awesome #bossgirls out there who use Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Stumbleupon, and any other social media platform every day. Or multiple times a week for that matter.

In an effort to cut back my social media use, I developed a small system to reduce time spent. (This does not include scheduling apps, since sometimes I like to post spontaneously….) 🙂 Off we go!

  1. Turn on the sharing buttons. Many apps allow sharing to Facebook. In my case, both my personal and business instagrams are linked to the appropriate Facebook pages. I also believe there is a link for other sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, and probably a few others. Y’all. That’s six shares with the click of a button. Your time is drastically reduced and you can get back to doing what you love to do in the first place. (If that’s not social media directing and influencing..)
  2. Schedule Posts. The only site I use post scheduling (and out of the apps I use, the only one that offers scheduling) on is Pages Manager for Facebook. After you curate your post, a little box pops down and asks when you’d like for the content to be posted. Write a few posts for the week, schedule them, and BAM you’re done with that bad boy.
  3. Create a few canned responses. Canned responses are used to respond to frequent inquiries that require generally the same answer. This could be things like FAQs, potential client requests (such as prices, scheduling, ect.) or whatever that email is that you get all the time. My device is broken! I can’t find *this* or *that*. What are your prices? I use canned responses mostly for messages and emails, but this can be applied in theory to interacting with an audience. I have a few responses or comments stored in my mind to use on Instagram and sometimes Facebook. The idea is to reduce time crafting a response, yet retain some authenticity. One of my biggest online pet peeves is when I get a comment on a photo and the comment doesn’t even make sense. Like when someone comments “Priceless” on a photo of my planner or pattern/fabric I like. I could take a picture of scissor handles and sometimes see a response that says “Radical!”. Really? It’s scissors. Oh, and they’re from Tennessee. Anywhoo, I have a special Note on my iPhone that has a few typed responses that are perfect for statements and a few small questions. To avoid being impersonal and irrelevant, make it easily customizable by adding a name or switching up the wording. Here’s a few ways to say the exact same thing… 1. “Wow! Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!” 2. “Hi (name)! Thanks for the idea! Sounds great!” 3.” I may actually try that! I hadn’t thought of that before! Thanks!” And to make it even quicker, copy/paste a response or two during your normal rounds. Ka-ching. You’re all set.

What are some ways you cut down on social media time? Please leave a comment below to share your suggestions! Have a super Monday!

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