I Have A Confession…

In case you didn’t know, comparison is a thief of joy. I’ve let it consume me time and time again. I’ll bet you have too. It goes just like this: You open up your Instagram feed and scroll through frame after frame of some creamy, light and airy, great content posts. You notice a lovely image that falls right in line with your offerings, like an awesome office/organization themed flat-lay, the perfectly composed cup of coffee, a gorgeous backlit, pastel colored couples photo, or even an authentic, stylish, adorable farmhouse against the backdrop of some gorgeous Virginian foliage. 

Your stomach drops because you realize that you don’t have cute accessories to make a flat lay like that, or you don’t get enough clients to practice gorgeous backlit images much less actually take them. Or maybe you see a gorgeous home that is perfect for photoshoots or even worskshops  that are hosted by the instagrammer because they are already so successful, made sooo much money, and have sooooo, many followers, and will gain both followers, clients, and money from this amazing workshop they created. Sound like you? 

I know it’s me sometimes. As a photographer, social media is a great way to display your work, lifestyle, and anything else you’d want to share. It also helps build clientele, and your business in general. It tends to strike a nerve sometimes when I think about how I don’t live in a pretty home that declares my talent and success. I’m still in my first year of business so every client is an answered prayer. 

But the good thing is that through prayer and supplication, I received encouragement that I want to share. Here are some things to remember when you feel discouraged in your ventures…

  1. Their story is not your story. Your story is different for a reason. 
  2. You are still and always will be growing. 
  3. There is always more to learn. 
  4. Those “super successful and quintessenial entrepreneurs”- you know, the Instagram ones- went through the same thing as you. And get this, they probably still do. 
  5. While there may be a lot of the same kind of content out there, there’s only one you. 

Chin up, fellow business builder. Our time will come. 😀 Keep on pursuing forward, growing, and learning. Do not give up!! 

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