When I first started my business, I knew it would be hard. I knew it would take time to grow, and it would grow slow. I don’t live in a community that supports me because they know me. I have to rely on connections I make, people I meet, and an online presence.

If I had to choose between building my business in my hometown or in a new city, I’d probably pick the situation I’m in right now. If I were to live in my old hometown, I’m positive I’d be sucked into a vortex of the normal market of the area. Which is families, seniors, and weddings. I love photographing all those things. But as time passed, and I grew in the separation between myself and the market in the geographical area I once lived, I was able to truly find what I love to photograph. Or rather, who I love to photograph. My heart is in couples. Fun, unique, style-loving, adventurous couples.

I have learned that there is a market for everything. There may not be a giant market for everything, but there is a market for everything. Purple phone cases, computer stickers, nose rings, etc. It’s there, no matter the size.

This couples thing. The market is there. but it is hidden and masked by the wedding industry, since many photogs offer free engagement sessions in their packages. I’d love to follow the same framework and offer a free/gift type attachment to go with my sessions. I’m thinking a free collection of save the date collaterals. You know, magnets, notices, ect.! How fun would that be?!

If you’re a photographer, what kind of gifts/free promos do you have to love on your clients? Maybe your style isn’t gifts or add-on’s, it could be dinners or adventures! I’m all ears! Leave a comment below to share all about it!

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