Thoughts About Personal Work

Personal work is a chance to practice my skills and hone my craft. Personal work is the art of reflection and taking time to process your craft. Just now, I’ve been thinking about the marriage of learning and prayer.

When growing a business that values client experience, it is essential first to pray about what it is you want to evoke in your clients. As a teacher, I would pray specifically for each child and ask for clarity as to why I was their teacher that year. I was given an answer for every single child. One child just wanted recognition apart from brand new baby sister at home. Another one needed encouragement that school could still be fun and meaningful instead of not challenging enough for his bright little growing mind. And one little girl just wanted a hug every day and a thank you for all the love notes she wrote me. There is great value and purpose beyond the initial service, such as teaching or photography.

Prayer is so important in gaining a vision of where you are going, and how you need to get there. Truly, you don’t know how you’re getting somewhere until you know where you’re going. Climbing a mountain, crossing an ocean, or hiking a terrain all demand completely different preparations, and you can’t do any of them well unless you are prepared.

So I ask this morning, both myself and you, beloved reader: Where are you going? That job you have, that goal you’re trying to meet…..what is your purpose in all of it? What’s at the finish line?

One of my biggest goals in my business is to cultivate self-worth, importance, and beauty within my brides and couples. Being chosen and spoken for is a feeling like none other and should be celebrated. So I long to help you celebrate!

My prayer is that we will create meaningful things that last, namely, your marriage.

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