Inspiration: What I Listen To

Top of the mornin’ to ya! Today, I want to share a tidbit of inspiration.

About a week ago (when I was on vacation coincidentally) I was following Kathryn Duckett of CremeBrands‘ Instagram Story. She has lately been an advocate for bravery, individuality, and uniqueness in the creative world. Namely, she has spoken on getting rid of comparison or embracing yourself in order to ignore our sometimes overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. We all need a healthy dose of this kind of encouragement, don’t you think? Sometimes I’m inspired by the beautiful art of people I know (or don’t know), and other times I’m discouraged by it.

I think everyone has a slightly different approach to naming those kinds of feelings, but I narrowed it down to the thought that I am not needed. That photographer does incredible, beautiful work. She is a complete package. The world doesn’t need another photographer. Why would someone book my first year work when they can have her experienced fifth and sixth year work? 

Well, we all know these are lies. Here’s why.

  1. That “other photographer” can’t photograph every single client in the world. There’s some clients out there for you. Even every photographer combined can’t photograph every client, bride, mommy to be, senior, event, and wedding out there. There is room for you. And me. I promise. There are clients just for you.
  2. No two photographers are the same. Every one has a different touch, a different engagement style with their clients, a unique final product, an authentic persona, and a guarantee that there is no one out there like them. I’ve noticed in the photographer world that the Magic 3 gear trio happens to be a Contax 645, Zeiss lens/glass (preferably a 50 mm or 85mm) and Fujifilm Pro 400H or Portrait 400. A massive chunk of the wedding world is drooling over the creamy skin tones, soft focus, and incomparable management of lights and shadows this combination of gear produces. I too love those kinds off images. I would love to be the artist behind images like those. If I were to dive headfirst into the fine art film world, I wouldn’t be ashamed that I was attracted to such beauty and that many others people do it too. You are already a unique being. There is no other you. No one will be able to do work exactly like you.

So, in harmony with this mindset, it is of great value to search yourself and name what inspires you.

I mentioned Kathryn’s Story above because one day, while watching her InstaStory, I was moved to respond to one of her inquiries. This one:

After writing my response, I was so moved and inspired by what I wrote, I had to sit and pray, reflect, and marvel at it. I kind of impressed myself in the moment.

My response was this:

I felt like I had turned over a new leaf of inspiration. A new well of desire. I felt drawn to the childlike part of my mind that reveled in telling stories, imagination, particular visuals, making and keeping friends, and overall the things I liked/loved. Hallmark words/memories of my childhood were outside, farm, home, simple, richness, thrive, travel, joy, and love. Endless memories I have of being a child are all rooted in these words some way or another. They are drawn back to a time when comparison wasn’t really an issue or something that I cared much about.

I carried many of these traits into my early teens and from about age 12-14, I had a very distinct lifestyle that epitomized all those things I loved to do. I was playing outside every summer, reading wholesome books, listening to christian music, singing in church youth band, and being influenced by the artistry/lifestyle/love for the Lord of the lead singer of the band who was also my friend.

Now-a-days, although my life looks very different, there are still striking similarities. I’m in a worship band. I’m always picking through new books and podcasts. I’m also discovering a new way of life as a new wife and how these things mesh with the life of my husband.

Today, I am extra inspired and working hard editing, writing, scheming, planning, and dreaming. The third quarter of the year is a busy one for me with weddings, events, and styled shoots, so I’m all about that inspired life right now. Below, you’ll find my favorite soundtracks and albums to listen to when I’m feeling on the creative side. If you and I are anything alike, may these prove useful and inspiring to you too! ❤

  • This one is part of a larger playlist, hopefully you’ll find the rest of the soundtrack in a list to the right when you open this in Youtube.


  • This one is also part of a bigger playlist. Enjoy!



Be inspired! What do you listen to while being creative?

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