Tips For A Great Shoot With Your Photographer

Can I get a raised hand from all those who have approached a photoshoot with butterflies? You’ve booked your photographer, you’re prepared, and on the outside everything is ready as it will ever be, but on the inside, you’re slightly worried you won’t do a good job, and because of your discomfort or lack of professional modeling experience,  your pictures will come out horrible.

I know I have. So here’s a few things you can do to shoo those butterflies away!

  1. Come prepared with some of your own ideas, poses, props, or suggestions. Photographs are a two way street if the subject is a person. We love when our subjects have either a personality or ideas. It helps us feel more confident that you’ll love the final results because you helped to create them. And you probably will!
  2. Talk to your photographer! I know this one seems a bit hard since you’re either smiling or posing for the majority of time, but feel free to talk to us! Do it for the same reason we talk to you: to make you feel comfortable and ensure you’ve made the right decision. We’re nervous too and it will help lighten the load for both of us.
  3. Trust your photographer. Most likely, if you’ve scoped out your photographer’s website, portfolio, and maybe even seen them in action, you’ve booked them on their ability, your confidence in them, and perhaps even more. During your shoot, trust their eye and do your best to work with their critiques and directions. Last year during my bridal shoot, I was a little nervous that my “wrong side” would be photographed more than my “right side” and that I would seem silly for saying so. In the end, every side I was photographed on turned out wonderful. He also noted immediately that in a relaxed stance, my shoulders round a bit. He gave me a tip that opened up my upper body by volumes. He also said two truths that proved TRUE: “This is going to feel weird…….but, it looks GREAT in camera!” He was right. It felt so weird. The portraits were amazing. Trust your photog, even if it feels weird. It’s either a “tried-and-true” tip or maybe just a “try” this time.

Did you find this helpful? Tell me in the comments below! Do you have any additional tips that you think would benefit this list? Let me know! Let’s get the convo going!

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