Adventures In Film: Chapter 1

Olympus Stylus Zoom | Kodak UltraMax 400

Happy Friday, Ya’ll! I’m thrilled to finally begin my adventures in film series! I posted a prelude of sorts a few months ago and since my vacation, I’ve been anticipating the development of my first three or four rolls of 35mm.

It’s no secret that I’m a complete newbie to film. To start this project, I found a $3 Olympus 35mm auto camera at a yard sale and purchased el cheapo film from the Walgreens down the road. The results aren’t stunning (maybe slightly disappointing), BUT the camera is old, the film is cheap, and I am a newb. So maybe the outcome isn’t too far off.

I know I like to search for specific camera+film pairings online, (such as Canon AE-1, Illford OR Pentax and Kodoak Colorplus)  So enjoy this pairing of Kodak ColorMax 400 and an Olympus Stylus Zoom 35mm. I had SO much fun shooting and I can already tell I’m going to love my film journey! ❤



These are a few close ups I did of Bella, but as you can see, the coloring is very cold. There isn’t much detail in her hair and the contrast is a little shaky.


My pup and me! You can see how it handles highlights and shadows by the blown out highs and the super dark lows.


Hubbleberry on our segway! Still a very cold picture. I think if I were to edit these, I would warm it up a bit, bring up my shadows by a smidge, and them lighten the highs more. What do you think?


Next is hubbleberry on our segway again, but this time in full sunlight. The highlights are handled fairly well, but the shadows (as expected) are gone in the back. The major takeback here is that it’s extremely blurry. There wasn’t much movement from him or I, so the shakiness is either the camera or me trying to keep my hand steady.


A pretty flower!! Again, the highs are lost in the petals and the lows are very dark in the bottom left. I don’t quite remember if the automatic flash went off at this point, but I know it did some. I do like the clarity and color of the leaves in the top right sector a lot!


Lastly, an example of how the camera handles motion. My husband was on his segway, speeding by, being a bit silly. I followed his motion with my camera in an attempt to reduce the blurriness. The Olympus on hand conclusively does not have a high shutter speed OR a low aperture. But I think the blurriness adds humor to our memories of our little silly time together.

Conclusively, the Olympus Stylus Zoom and Kodak ColorMax 400 aren’t a pair for the ages since it’s not very versatile, but if it’s all you’ve got to start with, I think it will suffice! Because the shadows and highlights are dodgy, I’d avoid situations like street photography, inside pictures with big bright windows, or even standing in shadows with a bright background (or vice-versa). Stay either completely in the sunlight- like at a park, beach, etc.- or stay completely shaded like night time photography, indoors with no light leaks, or indoors with even artificial lighting.

If you’d like to own this camera, I’ll be glad to give it to you for free! All you pay is shipping. Even better, if we know each other, you can just have it. I love film and want to spread the love!

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