Alexa | Rollins College Heirloom Bridal

Hi, friends! I’ve been saving this gallery for a few days, thinking Saturday was the perfect day to share it. Alexa was so beautiful on this day and I felt so special to get to see and capture her before her hubby-to-be! I absolutely LOVE bridal sessions because it hold the same feel as a lovebird session but more personal, more warm and friendly. I pray I will get more opportunities to photograph beautiful brides before their wedding day. Oh, how I pray!

On this day, it rained cats and dogs. Like, we were driving to the college and the sky was black, spitting tongues of lighting fire. Joshua and I were thinking positive and speaking, “It will glide right by!” (Ha! No.) We ended up traipsing around in the rain and eventually, it began to clear up and the air was nice and cool. I was so thankful. Enjoy and have a beautiful Saturday!




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