Summer Romance | Portraits

There is something so magical about poetic images with stories of their own to tell. One dream I have is to one day photograph beautiful images for book covers. There are so many triumphant, long-suffering, underrated stories out there. Perhaps for a faith-based story or collection of books.

When I was a teacher, I loved talking about book covers with my students. A well chosen book cover can illustrate so much of the important elements of a story, and even challenge the reader to see that the cover sometimes tells the story itself!

I love capturing images that have a deeper purpose and meaning. One of the best examples of this was 12 year old me. My aunt had purchased a few books for me that belonged to a series called Elsie Dinsmore: A Life Of Faith. Along with these books she gave me a journal from the same brand. This journal, called Elsie’s Daily Diary consisted of tabbed sections for different prayer/reflection topics. Examples were Daily Reflections, Scripture Memory & Study, Prayers, Answers To Prayers & Other Blessings, Goals and Dreams, Trials & Triumphs, Spiritual Vital Signs, and Miscellaneous. 

I thought the accompanying images for these sections were beautiful. I still do. They house a certain quality that I look for when I create images..:purpose. 


So maybe I’m not looking to create photos just like these, but I long to be intentional and purpose-filled.

Today I give you a beautiful shoot from the weekend, Summer Romance. Actually, I can’t decide. I like the passion of Summer Romance but also the poetic weight of Lady Summer. Maybe I can just combine the two.

Lady Summer Romance. Hm. Sounds like a perfume. 😀 Ha!

Take a whiff of this purdy session.

summer romance8


summer romance7


summer romance15

summer romance16

summer romance22


5dmkiv | 50mm

Location: Florida Tech Botanical Garden

Model: Kelsey Eiswerth

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