1st Anniversary Vacation To The Smoky Mountains | Part 2

Our cabin we stayed in was tucked away on the side of a mountain that was rich with foliage and life. Everything was SO GREEN. We would wake up in the mornings to a delightful temperature of high 60’s and even though we visited places where the temperature rose to the high eighties (and possibly even 90 degrees somewhere in there), it never felt humid or choking. Of course, it seemed to the locals that we brought a lot of rain with us from Florida. LOL.

This is the very same cabin and town we spent our honeymoon in last year and it was a joy to come back to it again! It is officially our special place. Last time, it was our first time up there and there was so much to see and do in the Smoky Mountains. This time, we could enjoy the cabin and town a bit more since we had done so much last time. We woke up late, ate breakfast, moseyed around the cabin for a bit, then spent most of the afternoon and evening out and about. These are a few snapshots of around the cabin we love so much!

Hubbleberry playing a banjo in the mountains! 😀


Right to the left of the driveway, there is gorgeous landscaping and a little baby valley between the cabin and the road. Every little nook and corner of this place is well-loved!
The sweet couple that used to live in this cabin (and now rent it out) didn’t like staring out the kitchen window at a grass wall(since the cabin is tucked into the side of a mountain), so they build a little rock wall! Everyone that comes and visits gets to pick a rock from anywhere and paint it!


Our cabin is seriously something out of a fairy tale! ❤


Stay tuned for Part 3!

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