Lee’na | Portraits: Part 1

I am so excited to share these portraits! Lee’na is a recent high school grad and wanted to go all out for some portraits! We spent a whopping 3 hours prancing about the city and snapping photos! We had the BEST time and even had some near death experiences….AKA……”I left my phone on the back of your car!!!” *dies inside*

We did U-turns and everything, but her phone miraculously stayed put tucked between my back window and trunk where she put it in the first place. LOL!

So, when I started selecting photos to feature on the blog, I realized that there were so many stories tucked into Lee’na that one post couldn’t possibly give her story the credit she entrusted me with. Here’s a Chapter One of sorts!

Lee’na is a TOTAL fashionista and LOVES getting dressed up. Her style is a fun mix of tropical, urban, and mood filled. Just like her, it could be bright and bold, or muted and classic, or even girly and feminine. We had an amazing time working every angle of her looks.

The theme of this first look is rooted in her love for everything roses. Which is just precious because her name is Lee’na Rose. ❤ *squealing*





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