Lee’na | Portraits: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of Lee’na’s post-graduate portraits, you can click here!

In Monday’s post, I shared a bit about Lee’na’s love for roses since she her name is Lee’na Rose! I thought it was just precious! Her first outfit, was bold and red, with roses on her cute denim skirt. Totally her.

Then we moved on to her next outfit which not only paired well with the palette of the tropical environment, but had a completely different feel than her first outfit. This particular set had major classic vibes. The mid-rise skirt, denim shirt as a cover-up, and her Aviator-esque glasses made for a late 60’s, early 70’s vibe! I dubbed it the “Jackie O”. 🙂





Next, we visited the cutest historic house in Grant called the 1916 House or more commonly, Bensen House/Grant Historical House. Unfortunately, it was closed so I can’t really tell you what’s inside….It looks to be a historical museum or small shop of sorts? Maybe one day I’ll find out! LOL.

Roses Galore!



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