Early Morning Jungle Creature Training

Early this morning, the kitties meowed to go outside as they usually do. A bit later, after coming inside for a mandatory water break, they darted back outside to continue playing in the great outdoors! This time, I sent Bella out with them since she hadn’t been outside yet. I ended up hanging out outside to watch them since it was a mild 70-something degrees somewhere in the 7:00 hour. All the animals frolicked about for a bit and then for the first time I’ve seen, both kitties made a mad dash for our mango tree and skittered right up the trunk and into the shady bungalow! I hung out a bit under the tree to make sure they could get down by themselves and ended up taking practice shots with my telephoto zoom lens. They were high up in the tree so it was the perfect opportunity to shoot with a lens made for shots at a distance.

They were super cute and I got some fun practice so it was a morning not wasted!

Enjoy the cuteness!

kitties (8 of 16)
I have a lemur for a pet. 😀
kitties (6 of 16)
Our kitties like to pant like dogs! LOL! It cracks us up every time. 


kitties (15 of 16)
Genevieve hopes to be a panther when she grows up. 

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